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Zukan auction reminder and weeding sales...

Hello folks...It's me again.

First I just want to remind you guys that rare zukan auction will end this Sunday (just 2 more days to go :D)  Many are still unbidded including Crobat zukan, etc. Just click the cut below to the page...

(zukan auction!!)

Now, as I am running out of space, I have decided to concentrate on collecting some specific pokemons like ninetales, espeon rather than just random cute ones (sometimes I can't resist them XD) so I decided to sell some of my collection here. Most of them are Chou get figures, chess figures and pencil toppers. Click the link below to check them out :)

- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo 01/30/11

- I live in the UK and ship worldwide. Anyone outside of the UK please be patient as shipping may take a while especially now :3

- I don't hold any responsibility after the item leaves my hands. Tracking number can be required but it costs more.

- I aim to ship everyday but sometimes I can't. However, 2 days after clear payment is my max cos I know how it feels to wait for your items lol

- I accept only paypal as a payment method.

- If you wish to see a better picture, please do ask :)

- I come from pet-free and smoke-free home.

- Please leave me a feedback once you receive your item(s). Thanks!! Here is my feedback

- I can hold item(s) for 48 hours.

- The price does NOT include shipping fee and paypal fee.

- I am poor at pricing so haggling is welcome. But please don't be upset/angry if I reject yours. XD Btw, the more you buy, the easier it will be.

- I reserve the option of not selling if I feel the offer is too low or have question about the reliability of a buyer.

I am taking offers on these guys and I stop once I satisfy with the offers or no more offers...


Taffeta plushes (mint with tags). I got them early when I started to collect the pokemon stuff. I believe they are quite old and rare now but they are still in mint condition.


Eevee 2006 canvas plush (mint with tush tag). I am not sure whether I can part with him lol but eevee is my least favourite eeveelution line so any good offers?

Now it's time for direct sales...

Kaiyodo chess figures


All come with their original package (box, 3 coins, map) - You can opt this out to keep the shipping cost.
- $4 each : Whismur x2, Kirlia
- $5 each : torchic
- $6 each : Groudon x2, Kyogre x1, Jirachi x1
All others are SOLD.


All above don't have any original package and I currently have only one each, ie just the figure ifself.
- $4 : Treecko
- $8 : Blatoise, Lapras
- $12 : Charizard
All others are SOLD.


Bottle cap figures
- $4 : Pikachu with lightening x2, Pikachu with tree, Pulsle
- $6 : Darkrai
- $8 : Serebi, Jirachi, Manaphy
- $10 : Deoxys, Latias, Palkia, Entei
- $12 : Lugia, Mewtwo
All others are SOLD.


Bottle figures
- $6 : Pulsle & Minun
- $7 : Grovyle, Blaziken, Snorlax
- $10 : Kyogre


Chou Getto figures (with minibook):
- $2.50 : cyndaquil x2, totodile x2, chikorita
- $4 : Charizard
- $3 : the rest

SOLD : Blastoise, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Quilava, Typholsion


$ 2 each (above) SOLD : Gliscor


Trio beasts ($3.50 each) : Raikou x1, Entei x2, Suicune x2


$4 each : Ho-oh x2, Lugia x2, Flying Ho-oh x1, Flying Lugia x1


Shaymin $4, Clear skymin $5


Pencil topper (mint with minibook)
$4 each


$2.50 each : front row
$3 each : others

Thanks for reading guys. I hope you find something interesting here XD...
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