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Hi there! I have a plethora of nicknames~ You may call me Luckless, Lucky, Prince,  or whatever floats your boat as long as I know that you are referring to me! :3  I was searching for weavile and sneasel figures and came across this community very many times and so I became a member here yesterday! [WOO!] but I have actually been lurking around here for a few weeks since I discovered this community xD

I'm ridiculously shy and have been contemplating about when to join and how, knowing that I would eventually have to join at some point in order to makes posts! :x [I think I've read and reread the rules hundreds of times now out of anxiety XD]

Anyway, I pretty much grew up with Pokemon, so it was a big part of my life. As a kid, I would collect Pokemon cards, stickers, and a few plushies. However, I never quite caught up on the new Pokemon after Pokemon Crystal/Johto XD [My sister had purchased Crystal for my 11th birthday with a GBC and I would play that thing nonstop] However, I became too busy with school so I sort of fell out of Pokemon [although I would doodle them and such every now and then].

I was drawn back into the fandom after meeting my boyfriend. We're both artists, and the persona/fursona he would use was a sneasel/weavile. After we started dating, I began buying him sneasel and weavile merchandise, and thus, that is where my tale of becoming a [serious] pokemon collector began!

My collection is rather miniscule right now haha, perhaps because I am a broke college student.... But I am also waiting for a few more items to arrive in the mail..But here are pictures of what I have collected.

sneasel weavile collection
That's the majority of the collection. [These guys are at my boyfriend's house] I actually don't collect pokemon cards, but a seller threw it in when they shipped me one of my sneasel kids xp

These two guys keep me company at my house xD

This guy is supposed to be coming in the mail along with a tomy sneasel figure I had ordered. He's got a paint chip or something on his head, but hey, he was free :b The lady who sold me the sneasel figure threw in this weavile kid due to the fact that she's rather late in shipping out my sneasel.

This little guy is also coming in the mail :3

We also have other random random merch, such as a 12" piplup plush, 12" Ho-Oh plush, a regular and loveball foam pokeballs, a chupachup entei figure, a stuffed pikachu,  Feraligatr evolutionary line model..... The list goes on xD

My favorite pokemon are actually Choroneko, Feraligatr, and Raichu, but I'm going to be focusing on sneasel/weavile merch..and I think that's about it. I hope I didn't make any mistakes [if so, please do correct me!] or make this post too long x.x I'm pretty new to livejournal so I hope you guys will show me the ropes! >.<

Thanks for allowing me to join this awesome community, and I hope to score some awesome Sneasel/Weavile merch, as make some new friends! :3
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