Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kitbug and Plush GA Shipping~!

Our shipping supplies are here and I finally have shipping totals for participants of both these GAs :D  I appreciate everyone's patience - I know everyone really wants their items but the winter weather just wasn't very nice to us.  

(If you happen to know anyone who was wondering about the status of these GAs, please direct them to this post!)

Plush GA Totals: Spreadsheet for plush shipping payment here!

Kitbug Kids GA Totals: Spreadsheet for Kids shipping payment here!

**IMPORTANT**  If you want anything from these lots to be combined with anything you bought from my sales (or future GAs), please please PLEASE leave a note here!!  I've gotten a lot of combining requests within the last few weeks - I'd love for you guys to save on shipping but I literally have hundreds of GA items in my room right now and my memory isn't perfect ;)

Please send all payments to [email removed] with your username, the GA title, and what you won somewhere in the payment ♥

(If you need to contact me for any reason about these GAs or any other concerns, the best way to reach me is on AIM - AlliniaXI)
Tags: group auction
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