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Offers and...stuff!

As much as it pains me to say, I've been spending way too much money here. *coughtwopaychecksinarow*

So I'm putting up a few items for offers because I have a few things coming up I need to pay off.


+ Payment from Paypal only, if for whatever reason bids go high enough I'd be willing to accept payment plans?
+ I will accept trades but right now they will only be for Charms (Johto Dex, Swing, etc), or Pokemon VS cards.
+ Shipping will vary by item per location please remember that I am not responsible for items lost in the mail - let me know if you'd like to purchase insurance/tracking! If you'd like a quote before you bid please let me know! (I may end up putting rates up if enough people ask)
+ These items are up for offer, not auction. I reserve the right not to sell if I don't like the offers.
+ Offers end Wednesday, February 9 at 11:59pm CST! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10 AT 12 NOON CST! Standard no-sniping rules/community rules apply!
+ Feedback is here. And sales perm was granted on 01/17/11 by dakajojo.
+ Please bid in the correct offer thread in response to the highest bidder. (This lets them know that they've been outbid if they'd like to counter-offer)

Items for offer:

12" McDonalds Larvitar Plush.
Vibrates and screeches(?) when small cord is pulled from underneath tail.
Tush tag in tact! Very good condition.

Offers start at $10

Clear Mewtwo Kid
Copyright on the back says 1996. Great condition although there are a few scuffs on the tip of his tial.

Offers start at $1

2007 Halloween Promo Banner Cards
They're 6" wide, and still attached on the clear wire that they came on.
This is not the full set, and they will be sold individually.
Most are in mint condition. Pachirisu has a very slight dent near the bottom left.

Offers start at $3 each

Pokemon Kids Poster
Came in the Movie set B pokemon kids box. Features kids #252-495.
Roughly measures 12"x8". Brand new.

Offers start at $2

EMPTY kid boxes
Maybe someone is interested in these? Dunno. xD
All of these are in exceptional condition except for Charmander, Bayleef and Delibird. They all have creases/dents (tried to show it in the picture) and the ones pictured with mints will come with them!

Not sure what to start these at so just make an offer? (Make your own thread for each box please!)

I also updated my sales post the other day, so go take a look!

Also I should get most/all customs done this week! :D
Tags: buneary, golbat, kids, larvitar, mewtwo, mismagius, pachirisu, piplup, sales, spiritomb
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