frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Team Rockets lovers look here!!!

Look what I found while mindlessly browsing Ebay...

Isn't that the coolest thing ever!?!  I'm not promoting the seller by the way. I actully advise you to buy in stores because it'll probably be a lot cheaper.

I'm slowly chaning my mind about Jakks'  Pokemon merchandise. I must admit their Pokemon line is really cool!  

Now to write a letter to Jakks and beg them to release a large Ho-oh figure. @____@  Btw, has anyone seen single packs of the pixies yet? I'm still waiting for them. 

[EDIT] I came across a member's sales page not too long ago but can't remember who the person is.  All I remember is that they had a lot of figures for sale and a Jumbo Tomy Charizard. If you're that person, could you please send me a link to your sales page? Thanks.  

Also, if you have a sales page that's not posted on the right links or have recently posted it, could you post them here? Thanks!
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