Naykomii (naykomii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My puppy got jealous of growlithe? ;_;

So... Today kinda fails. =( I cam home to find my beloved Growlithe pokemon kid, chewed up. >_< wtf ..
I keep all of my collection items on shelves so I didn't understand how my dog could reach him.
But it seems my mom was moving things around the basement today and said she might have bumped into it and knocked it down..
The point being is... My kid Growlithe has become a chew toy and i'm so upset over it. ;_;

And I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere I could buy another one? I can't use Yahoo!Japan, so thats kind of out. >_< Inless I pay for someone to order it for me. *sigh* I'm so upset right now. =( If anyone could help me out it would be very appreciated... Thanks.
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