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Cleveland BW Tour....ya know, cause you haven't seen enough already. xD

So, I went with my family to the Cleveland/Strongsville Tour yesterday, and went for a couple hours again today!

I wanted to meet up with my fellow members, but the Food Court was so ridiculously packed, that after circling three times to find you I gave up. =[

I did however meet melodicrevival  who I noticed thanks to the huge bag of Eeveelution Canvas plush and custom Litwick she was carrying. It was great to meet you<3

I took a TON of pictures to share!

First thing we saw was the Pokemon Center merch stand! Plush, figures and shirts, oh my! There were billions of people there during the day, but not as many when the pic was taken.

Then in the center of the mall was where everyone got to stand in line to wait for there turn to play the new demo! The walls for completely covered with images of the new Pokemon.

Another shot of a different side. Reshiram!

Right before you're let in to play, you're separated from the rest of the line and get to stand in front of four large TVs. They show an introductory movie to the games that lasts around ten minutes. Shows a giant map of the Unova region, gameplay, battles, new pokemon, and at the end they do a spectacular scene where giant Zekrom and Reshiram zoom across all four TVs. It was stunning.

While looking for the booths to get your stamps, you go upstairs where there were giant inflates of Zekrom and Reshiram.

Zekrom, in all his inflated glory! Going up the escalator and turning around to see these guys was such a surprise, and they seriously looked amazing. I'm not even a Zekrom fan, but who can resist this? I was disappointed his tail didn't light up like Reshiram's. =/


Big 'ol butts!

They easily towered over me and my mom! xD

Next, you collect your last stamp and stand in line for 45 minutes to an hour at your chance to spin the prize wheel!

There was a makeshift room in the middle of a hall, where there was a large TV playing the newest episode of Pokemon, and tons of kids sat there mesmerized by it or playing gameboy. It was funny to see parents watch the show and look so confused, hahaha.

One of the room's walls. So cute! I love Iris<3

And you turn the corner, and what did we see???

A giant, adorable Tepig/Pokabu! Tepig took pictures with people and danced around for about 15 minutes, when he left and was replaced by...

Mijumaru/Oshawott! I was carrying my talky Miju, and the person in the suit ran right up to me and started poking at it and dancing, lol. It was adorable.

Mijumaru is my second favorite Pokemon ever, so naturally I had to take a pic with him! My mom and sister love him too. Who can resist that face???

Then came out Snivy! Smug and cute as ever, of course.

My mom LOVED Tepig's curly tail.

The door they would came out of.

There was also a green screen, in which you would stand in front of as someone took your picture. They then gave you a card with a code, that you would take home and be able to choose a Pokemon background for your picture.

Here's on of the backgrounds...

And here's another! There's a third one with Reshiram and Zekrom, but you had to make your picture smaller just so Reshiram's face wouldn't get cut off. =/

And finally, my gets! Sorry for the dark photos. There's little light in my room. Dx

I won the cell strap, my mom won the patches and my sister won the sylus and they gave them to me, along with their Reshiram pins. I bought myself the DX Reshiram Tomy, along with the Pikachu and Zoroark Tomys. Both Zekroms are for my boyfriend. I also bought myself a Minky Pikachu Pokedoll, who is so much softer, but sadly isn't as cute. His face seems strange to me. Plus a Snivy plush FINALLY, and a Mijumaru plush. I already had a Japanese one, but I couldn't resist getting a second one for the different tag.

The charm, 4 picture cards, 3 stamp books, and Snivy stylus.

The patches and my extra Reshiram pins! One will be for auction, check the comments!

Tags! Including Mijumaru/Oshawott's misspelled one.

I couldn't resist getting the Mijumaru tshirt! This is the front.

Back. Sorry you can barely see it. ^^;

I had also bought myself the big Reshiram plush...but after two days, I really don't love it like I thought I would. I'm not sure what it is, I absolutely love the DX Tomy figure, but not the plush so much. So it's up for offers along with a couple extra goodies!

I'm putting the giant Reshiram plush up for offers, starting at $25. NWT
Putting the Snivy stylus up for offers, starting at $5, still in plastic.
Reshiram pin up for auction, starting at $8, still in plastic.

I also have by accident an extra Mijumaru plush. He is up for straight sale for $16. NWT

Offers for Reshiram plush and Snivy stylus will end after approx 24 hours with no offers.
Reshiram pin auction will end February 9, 9PM EST.
I ship from Ohio, USA.

Hope everyone else has as much fun at their tours as I did! And those of you who haven't had yours yet, I promise you'll have a blast<3

Tags: auction, gen5, oshawott, pikachu, reshiram, sales, snivy, tepig, zekrom, zoroark, zorua
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