rah rah Raira rah. (scarsofsunlight) wrote in pkmncollectors,
rah rah Raira rah.

New Things :D

I got two packages today and they MADE ME SO HAPPY 8DDD

But before I show off all of my wonderous new toys, I'd like to ask a couple questions:
Does anyone have this model that they would be willing to sell:

I see it every now and again on Y!J but I don't have an account and I don't want to be a bother to have someone bid on it for me, since there will probably come a time when something I really want comes up for sale :)

My second question is if anyone has the charizard pokedoll and this other plush (I have deemed it the happiest charizard), since they are pretty much the only plush I want right now, I would love to buy them at some point in the near future!

And then I have a quick shoutout to asylums (I think) who was going to sell me a charmander backpack....I'm still interested :D

The images are stolen from Y!J, but I hosted them myself :)

You see, it is the happiest charizard. I would just request someone bid on the auction for me, but as you will soon see I already have the charmander light up plush, so unless someone would want to buy it, I don't need two...of course I wouldn't say no XD

I want this plush mad hard 8D

Now for things I just got! :DDDD
kiraras_lemon is awesome by the way. The stuff she sent me is amazing :D I got the 6" charizard, the char-on-a-stick, and the little charmander keychain thing all from her. I didn't even KNOW there was a 6" tomy charizard. Does anyone know if there is a charmeleon?

The togekiss zukan and charizard megablok are from lineaalba SO CUUUUTE :D But is togetic supposed to have a clear bottom? It just falls over unless I lean it on the stick XD


Also from kiraras_lemon SO adorable and so huggable. But best of all...IT SMELLS LIKE ENGLAND XD This is such a novelty to a foreigner :P It makes me sad that in about 3 days it'll just smell like plain old America D:

STILL LOOKING FOR A CHARMANDER ZUKAN/some kids figures If anyone has any char kids, show meeee :D and if anyone has the zukan...SELL IT TO ME XD
Sorry I'm so exclamatory, I'm tired and hungry :P

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