Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Just a small update for today

First of all, anybody that has ordered anything from me up until the last 2 days (I shipped them out Wednesday), your orders have been sent out! However, there was one person who wanted a Lucario tin and sent me an e-check I had to wait until the e-check cleared so I actually haven't sent yours out yet, but it'll go out hopefully by Monday.

Second, I got the cards I ordered from Biohazard0(I know they have a different username on LJ) :D! I ordered a WINNERS Rocket's Mewtwo promo.


Man it's awesome.


Reverse holo Zigzagoon, yesss :D. I was just actually debating on ordering one off Ebay, but thank goodness you sent it!

Finally, here's a small plush update. I've kind of thrown them all on the corner of the wall, which is all of the space I have currently


Pikachu isn't really that dark colored, I don't know why it looks like that on the camera.

Finally, amirrorstwin, did you ever check your store to see if they had a Zigzagoon Zukan for sale? I never heard back from you.
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