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Lots of toys n' stuff GA

So, Snowball21and I have teamed up to bring you all this amazing Group Auction! Snowball21 will be handling the bidding/shipping/ ect. and I will be organizing the post this is my first time putting together a GA post so if I mess something up please forgive me. But hopefully that won't happen. Anyways...


-bidding ends Feb 14, 2011 3 PM EST

-no sniping

-Snowball21 will be claiming the Tyranitar Thinkchip+ figure for $65+, And I will be claiming the Infernape, and Empoleon Thinkchip+'s for $15

-Since I have no clue on the value of most of these, everything will start at $1.

-all normal community rules apply

-bid in increments of $1

2 payments: purchase+shipping, then shipping to you

Snowball21 - "I'll be shipping first class through the post office, so prices should be on the lower end starting at $2.50 within the USA and $3.50 internationally"

-I will post threads for some of the toys (The TFG's and Thinkchip+) but after you have carefully checked to see if there isn't already a thread for what you want to bid on,  please make your own threads.

-Please do not delete any thread or post.

~EDIT~ ok so I was bound to screw something up, if you bid on the threads I set up, could you put the item name in the title so that when peopel get emailed about responses the subject line will tell them which item it is about.... Thank You!

~Edit~ ok we got a bigger picture everything is moved around but as far as i can tell everything with bids is still there, but anyways have a look. some stuff can now actually be identified

Click for EVEN BIGGER!!!

I also want to note that it looks like all the ThinkChip+ figures have the electronics removed from their bases... so take that into consideration when bidding on them



Here is the Spreadsheet. please send your money to snowball21 immediately at snowballingsnickers[at], this 
is an ebay auction so it needs to be payed for right away.

Give me a moment to set up some threads

Ok threads for what I can make out are up

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