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watercolours (a much overdue intro post)

(Image credit: this artist at Pixiv.net.)

"Here's a story I hope you'll like
It's the one about the girl riding her bike
It's a tired old tale, but it still rings true
She could never be rude or unkind
But a sad song played at the back of her mind
Oh, can someone show me a different day
Take me away, take me out of the woods
Great big world, you know I'm wanting for you
Wanting for you..."

Hello, everyone! My name's Justine, but nearly everyone who meets me online ends up calling me some form of Jay (my username, an allusion to the Loyal Jay uniform on Gaia, isn't any help). So after much thought, I've finally decided to go by Jaye (the spelling I prefer).

I'm a veteran Pokemon fan of 12 years, and though my interest has naturally peaked and waned over time, I never can truly say I've regretted being a fan. There's a difference in that, I must say, and in being in a "fandom slump," much like I have been in for the last several months simply because the modern Pokemon community had seemed a bit "unattainable" to me for a while. Meaning, not giving off exactly the warmest vibes as far as welcoming returning veterans. I can tell already that this place is different. :3

I've had friends tell me that "with Black and White coming out in ump-teen days, you'd better come out of your shell and get involved in the fandom again, before it's too hard to keep up." I suppose they're partly right, but the Pokemon lifestyle to me isn't exactly a mask that I can just keep putting on and taking off as the fandom hits highs and lows. In fact, Pokemon probably had its greatest influences on me over the years when the overall hype was generally muted. I'd spend hours at a time reflecting on how the franchise's core universe and philosophy had challenged me to think, given me something to be passionate for, and overall made me a better person.

That's essentially a very boiled-down summary of my Poke-sentiments as they've become refined by time and experience. I hope you didn't mind the bit of schmaltz, as I don't know if the effect would have been quite the same. ^^;

Anyway, I'm an almost-eighteen-year-old college freshman from Alabama pursuing various goals, ambitions, and interests. While I'm usually a bit of an introvert in the grand scheme of things, I can be quite creative and outgoing in my own right (I'm a budding screenwriter and novelist planning to participate in Script Frenzy in April), and I usually enjoy meeting new people with similar passions.

I've collected things off and on over the years, but there's rarely been any fluidity in my desire to keep an interest in all my collections at once. I've decided that from now on, I'm going to stick to two of my true fannish loves, Disney (I hope to return to WDW this spring for the first time in 9 years!) and Pokemon.

My absolute favorite from childhood was Vaporeon (I fondly remember a boy in my first-grade class surprising me with a Vaporeon "power bouncer" on Valentine's Day, so I guess that just marked my 11th anniversary as its owner!), so I'm looking forward to better learning what merchandise of it has been released over the years. Close contenders for my second favorite are Espeon and Delcatty, and more recently, I'm absolutely in love with Deerling and Sawsbuck (I always thought Stantler was a bit of a waste for what a Deer Pokemon was worth, but no offense to Stantler fans), and I'm curious to know if anyone else is interested in collecting the Legendary Buck Trio (Cobalon, Terrakion, and Virizion). In my opinion, they're some of the most unique legendaries we've had to date, so I wanted to see if they were of any interest here.

I suppose one more thing you must know about me is that I absolutely love all (well, most) things animated. I'm a complete and utter animated movie buff (can anyone guess what film my lead-in lyrics are taken from?), and while it's usually rare for me to find a Western animated series that I'll become enamored of, I'm obsessing over quite a few at the moment (Sym-Bionic Titan, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Regular Show). When I transfer to my next college, I hope to take a course in Time-based Media (a form of Animation Arts) just to get the feel of being in the animator's position, even if it isn't what I decide to pursue. For these reasons, I'm beginning to wonder if I'd like to make animation cels a special part of my collection. To fans like me, they're pieces of history in themselves. :3

Thanks for having me here, everyone! It'll be a pleasure to get to know you all, and I hope to make some great memories here. ^^

- Jaye
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