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so long no collection update

Hi everyone!
i haven't posted in ages so it's time for a collection update:)))))
So here it goes:D                (image heavy)
first a photostory of a mystery pup

Doru: This thing is huge!
Nayo: And somewhat soft... i wonder what's inside

Doru: It's heavy and big! Nayo help!
Nayo: I'm doing my best...
But let's see who's hiding in the mystery pack:

Any ideas anyone???

Let's see with the help of Doru

Mystery pup: Could you stop pulling my tail????
Doru: mffhtdbdjdbdk!

Mystery pup: My tail is fine, but thanks for the help XD
Doru: Ur welcome Mystery pup XD
Mystery pup: Sorry my bad XD I'm Doom
(i know i know i was kinda lack of imagination and couldn't come up with a better nameXDXD)

So this is how oh great Doom found a new home, who i bought from the great kamikaze87 

I don't know who made him, i just love him:))))))) He is my first Doom plush, and i just adore him to bits:D
i always wanted a Houndoom plushie, and kamikaze87  was kind enough to sell me one:)))))))

Talky tsu with big banpresto shaymin and Doom.
and i musn't forget about my jolteon friends plush from rypeltajaroll 

so next is some great gets X3

and these stuff arrived from pacificpikachu :)))))

the sneasel clear file just caught my attention a while back, and i'm really happy that i got it :D entei is for my friend XD 


oh and some surprise cards aswell (i'm really not into cards so any information will be appreciated. thanks)
thanks for the surprise cards pacificpikachu :))))))

up next:  shaymin things from whitecygnet which arrived with a pichu:3

cute eh?
now let's see what's inside:

a pichu aand...??

and yay for gizamimi pichu and the shaymin stuff :)))) i've been after that shaymin head pouch for some time but i finally i manages to get one with an electrike tomy and a stylus and a tin with a bootmin (i soo not mind he's cute in his way XD)

some stickers from enshogirl  who sold me one of my really high wants : Shaymin friends plush :))))))))

he is soo cute and small and just as i imagined :)))))) thanks really much for selling him to me:3
talky light up pika does what his name says XD but he is so much bigger than i thought. it was a real surprise when i saw his size. he is almost as big as friendsmin XD and the grow hamster after 3days spent in a glass of water (she grew a lot) 

and to sum up all the gets here they are in a group shot:

but some poke merch are still on their way XD so when they arrive i'll be back with another update:))))

and finally a reminder to those sellers who have not left me feedback yet please do. i'd really appreciate that
thanks :))))))
my feedback page is located here:

thanks for reading! 
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