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HUGE UPDATE + green dinosaurs and spiked turtles

Yes folks, I've finally decided to do a collection update! This includes various items I've received from the past months and also just recently.

It includes new additions to the Creation family, the two Tao dragons and some Mario series plush!

To start it off, I finally have all the Arceus kids! Been after the far left one for ages and finally found it. Phew!

Now that I finished my goal of having all kids of the Creation trio and Arceus, I decided to move onto the clippings! Thank you so much happyjolteon for including the second Dialga card with my purchase! Now I only need to look for the figure. ;>

I've also started a clear TOMY collection after my previous goals got completed! They're not many right now, but I'm on it. ;) See the difference between the Arceus ones?

How about now? It's the special 7/11 WITH SPARKLES. Feel the sparkles shine onto you. Yeeeeees.

These two guys were Christmas presents from my mom! ;v; Sort of anyway, I showed them to her and she agreed on buying them, haha. They were easier to find then I thought!

Big tails! I love these two so much, it was a huge JKHASJFHKJ when they arrived at my home as they are my first (and only) "real" Dialkia plush!

They'll be accompanied with the fitting Giratina when I have the money. Oh, forgot to mention, these are the 2009 TOMY plush that are about 30cm tall.


You've seen these guys, they're derp and big! Pokemon Center goodies from the past year.

I actually really like Reshiram's wings, SO MAJESTIC and I want to make her fly.

TALALALLALAILS. Zekrom's tail is win, I want to touch it.

But my biggest get that just arrived quite recently is after all...

Holy crap you guys, so freaking soft and amazing and huggable and AWESOME. His name is Marcus. :)


With regular Dialga Pokedoll!

HAhhahha, I love Dialga damn it.

I had no idea DX Pokedolls had bigger tags. So, now I do! (BTW THIS IS MY BEST PICTURE, LOOK AT THE SHARP NON-BLURRY LINES WHAT IS THIS)

And and and and... look at these! Look at them! Ah, amazing. Reshiram and Zekrom Pokedolls. As many of you say, RESHIRAM IS SO SOFT. It's like a pillow. Someone mentioned "like touching a cloud", credit to whoever did because it's so true.

They like to hug eachother. Not when people are looking though, they're shy.

Beautiful tags.

Comparision with DX Dialga and normal Palkia.

Oh guys, I just noticed something!
Black and white...

Black and white...

Black and white...

Black and white...

And black and white!

Yes that was an excuse to show my awesome controllers. If you're wondering, I use the black ones. ;) (Well actually, I use the white GC controller)

With the inspiration of azureyoshi, and they being interested as well, I've decided to show off my Mario-series collections!

My Yoshi plushies, made by a company named San-ei (or Sanei, people seem to write differently) from 2006-2007 in Japan. They were released alongside Yoshi's Island DS and feature all the Yoshi's within the game (excluding the purple and orange one for unknown reasons). These are all the variants and are as big as normal Pokedolls.

Saddles and spikes!

Super Mario Galaxy plush, released along with a Fire Mario and Bee Mario as well. Best Mario plush imo, love his little Mushroom. :> Made by Sanei.

Now this, guys. THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY true Bowser plush, best one ever released in my honest option. Anyone who collects Bowser should own this, so very well made. A Bowser Jr. plush was also released, I think it's his only one. He's my favorite character so imagine how happy I was when I saw this guy. LOL

Sexy side-view. :)

I'm in love with their shells, so unbelievably soft. These were made by Sanei too (Sanei has produced alot of Mario plush actually) and all of these guys mentioned are made of MINKY (or something similar to it anyway).

They be chillin' with the others, I like piles like this when they just HANG AROUND.

Their neighbours is the Japanese Eeveelution Pokedolls, accompanied with Mittens, Bolt and the Lati@s siblings.

The far right one has my little Hoenn family, with the ever so rare Rayquaza plush (seriously, anyone else have this? Show it if you do!). The Amaterasu and Oki plush are customs made by Nicky from deviantART. She made all of Ammy's weapons too, and they're on the smaller shelves under this tripple-V one (not pictured). :D (If you can't see it, she is wielding the Eighth Wonder.)

Right guys, it's time for another shelf update! I've reorganized quite alot and NOW it looks much better.

Upper part, showing my big plushies! (The black flat thing is my binder where I store my TCG cards. Don't really like it so I'm thinking of selling it and buying a real Pokemon binder).

Creation quartet part! The lower section is quite empty right now, but it's going to serve as space for a future DX Palkia Pokedoll as well as an Origin Giratina plush that will take some weeks to arrive. :>

Newly setup of the ever-so-growing Tao trio (duo as of now, haha) and my new home for my Arceus armies. ;D

Right, so let's go in-depth! This is completely reorganized, the Arceus TOMYs moved out and gave place for my future clear TOMYs (which is going to fill the empty space). Better placements of the figures imo, now you can see the MCs much better (those are my favorites so I want to emphasise them). The Zukan, Kaiyodo and MC figures form a stair, starting in the back. :D


I have all Giratina kids, they're just hiding in the back.

Shaymin looks really out of place, but once I get my hands on a new Skymin, she'll get company! This is the clipping figures home too (space between Dialga and Giratina is for Palkias, if you didn't figure lol).

THIS PLACE IS SO THIGHT. WHERE IS MY FUTURE ZUKANS GOING TO SIT? Agh, well, that problem will be then.

I'll end this update with some ARCEUS! The Zukans and MCs have finally joined forces, took quite some time.

That's it for this time! Hope you enjoyed. :D

Tags: arceus, dialga, giratina, palkia, reshiram, zekrom
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