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Re-Introduction and Trading Post

Hey Pkmncollectors!
I know it's been a while since I last posted. I know most of you are probably like 'And you are?'.
Yeah well I don't blame you. College and life in general has prevented me from getting off my butt and posting my collection update on here, which I will get to eventually.

However today as the title says I am here for a few different reasons.
I have been a member of this community for almost 2 and a half years now! I used to be rather active back when I first joined. I collect Buneary, Jolteon and Pikachu. Along with a few of the stranger aspects of a collection such as the TCG booster packs.

I have been lurking again for a good few months now and the community has grown so much! I just want to say Hey to all the new members. Its wonderful to know I'm part of such a successful community.

Also under the cut there are a few cards I would like to put up for trade not sale!

I'm off to bed guys I'll get back to you all tomorrow (Y)

- I am in the UK
- I am only interested in trading at the moment no sales, sorry!
- All I ask is that we each pay our own postage to send the cards off.
- I would like to see your feedback before we trade.
- 1:1 card trading ratio.
- My feedback is:

All My cards went from booster straight to sleeve!

Cards up for Trade:


Lugia (Top)
Lugia (Bottom)
Entei & Suicune (Top)
Kyogre and Groudon (Bottom)


Espeon Prime
Gardevoir Ex
Rayquaza Ex
Palkia & Dialga (Top)

My Wants list:

Thanks for reading guys. Hopefully I will get motivated enough soon to post my vastly enlarged collection ^^
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