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I received an awesome package from denkimouse today..

Which means it's time to show off my small-but-growing Minccino collection! As well as some adorable orange piggies. :D

What came out of that awesome package? Well..~

A GRANDE CHINCHILLA! *A* The adorable pokedoll pen, and my first Pokemon stamp ever! I forget how to spell the proper name for them. Eeeee it's all so amazing~ The 1/1 Minccino is so huggable! It put a huge dent in my wallet, but I'm happy I was able to get one. ♥ I've yet to name it, but I'm seriously considering Grande. xD

So now, let me show you my current Minccino collection:

Not sure if the 1/1 will stay there permanently or not, but! So far I have the Takara Tomy plush, pokedoll, 1/1 plush, clipping figure, stamp, pokedoll pen, hairclips, cards, and custom charm by taycs. The tag from the TT plush is sort of a space filler, I really like the picture.

Of course I love all the plushies(and am looking forward to many more!), but I also really love the clipping figure. It's tiny but adorable! And I have a thing for hairclips, so I gave in to those. :'3 I often need to clip my bangs back when I'm chilling around the house, so I do use them from time to time as well as keep 'em on display.

A closer look, taking away the 1/1. I apologize for the ugly smudges, the desk is pretty old and was bought used. D8; Hopefully I can cover them up with stuff!

And a zoom on the custom charm-- how adorable is that? *_* ♥♥

The pen unwrapped! :3 And I stamped a little on the paper. The stamp came out reallyyyy cute! I may get addicted to those things. D:

Now for some piggies! Accidental piggies!

My poor talky can't catch a break, everyone wants to ride on him. Who's the cute little piece of bacon that's made a home on his back?

The pokedoll! ♥ I think I've decided on naming him Hamchop. XD I admit, I thought the Pokabu pokedoll was ugly at first.. But it slowly grew on me. And now I'm in love with it. ♥ He's so adorable, even though kind of just a head connected to a butt rofl. SO FAT♥

Look at that smile~ ;w; so cuuuuute.

But I've got another new piggie... This guy, however, won't fit in the other's small pace..

MEET THE BACONATOR! skdfjghfjd oh god he is HUGE! I love him to death, he's adorable and a great snuggle buddy. He also can't stand up because of his GIGANTIC HEAD. I'm wondering if the Oshawott and Snivy versions have that problem too, or if just Tepig does since he's on all fours. Either way, I'm really not sure what to do with him.. We're moving in the next month or two and I'll have better shelving, but he's so big that even if I moved my piggies I'm not sure if I could fit him in.. Or if he'd stand up. For now his home is my bed~

All my piggies together! Yay for accidental collections. :'D

POKABU i need to get used to Tepig CONGA LINE!

And to wrap things up, here's the two giants together:


..I got my first gizamimi Pichu, too! :D I want to collect him a little bit on the side. ♥
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