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I wanna buy stuff now!! Show me ur Nidoqueens!!

Ok, I am in a big shopping mood at the moment and I’m really eager to buy some Pokemon stuff C:. I haven’t done much major collecting shopping in about a month or two and it is driving me crazy XD!

I have some specific wants having to do with the Snivy, Vulpix and Eevee lines atm (pictures stolen from other collectors, fernchu, whitewolflarka, and ridi) :

#1 Want!! 
Umbreon Jakks Figure

I'm willing to pay $20+.  It will be really hard to get all the Eeveelution Jakks figures so I've decided to stick with my top 5 Eevees. The last one I need it Umbreon and I need it like air to breath. If you have any means of getting me one of these I will be forever in your debt!! I'll even trade you stuff for him, I just know that it has to go into my collection!!! 

FOUND!! THANKS first_mate_kate  X3!! 

Vulpix and Ninetales 
My top two favorite Pokemon! I love to get anything I don't have of these two :3! Plush, Figures, Customs, you name it! I am on a tight spending limit though so I'm not looking for rare items at the moment, just cheap stuff to add. I am specifically looking for:

Silver Colored Figure! And any other colors from this series other then Pink

To get a better idea here's a pic of my collection:

Anything Not here that is non-flat, offer to me >;3!!!! 



Here's an old picture of my collection. I've added a few items since then but please feel free to make offers. Non-Flats atm and no customs for these babies. They have so much to collect as it is I wan t wait a while before buying customs.

Snivy Clipping Figure 

It's so pretty and I want one to go into my collection :3! 

Jalorda DX Kid

And a gosh darn Torterra kid D:!! Regular and/or DX!

shank you X3!!!  

Lastly, I've been contemplating starting a Nidoran/Nidorina/Nidoqueen Collection after training my in-game one :3! If you collect her or have any items show dem to meh XD!! 

Tags: eevee, jakks, nidoqueen, nidoran, nidorina, ninetales, snivy, umbreon, vulpix, wanted
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