f4y3 (f4y3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Supah Quick Sales

**Just as a quick note, everything from the Pokedoll Run 6 has already been shipped out**

I ship from the USA
Shipping starts at $2 for USA, $3 for outside
I am willing to haggle
*********** Most of these items are in loved condition, but some are mint. Please ask before buying <3 ***********

Lugia Perler (Will ship in cardboard ie pricey shipping but safe) $5
Lugia Postcard- $2
Lugia Roller Toy $2
Lugia/Ho-oh promo card sleeves- $25 Or best offer
Lugia cell strap $1

Entei $2
Pikachu $1
Sandshrew $4
Ho-oh soap fig $1
Pikachu soap figure $1
Sailor Moon(Mercury) $5
Raquaza Clipping Fig $4
Ho-oh keychain $2

DX Garchomp Kid $3
Snorlax TOMY- free w/purchase
Slightly loved Dragonair TOMY $2
Gabite kid $1

Charizard Keychain 1 $1
Charizard keychain 2 $1
Pikachu plush keychain $1
Pikachu Push Light $15OBO
Torchic 1 $1
Torchic 2 $1
Psyduck (loved, eyes are scratched) $1
Beanie Pikachu $1

Pikachu bank $1
Moltres playset (complete) $15obo
Articuno playset (complete) $15 obo

Ocarina- Never used, $ 15 obo
Moltres gold promo coin $10 obo
Articuno gold promo coin $10 obo

Pikachu Backpack $10 obo
Fuku (Tenshi) Backpack $15 obo
Gengar Backpack OFFER

Kyogre $2
Raikou $2

All cards are holos and are $1 each

All rev holo cards are $0.50
Vaporeon and Japanese Flying Pikachu(It says $75 on ebay but I don't think that's accurate; any insights?) are up for offer

Freebies- are free with purchase ;p

Clear Files
Magikarp+Gold Magikarp $15
Pikachu $10
Drifloon $15

Thanks for looking!
Tags: absol, alakazam, arceus, articuno, charizard, cyndaquil, dragonair, drifloon, entei, gabite, garchomp, gengar, ho-oh, houndoom, kabutops, kyogre, lugia, luxray, magikarp, moltres, nidoran, nidorina, octillery, omastar, pikachu, psyduck, raikou, rayquaza, sandshrew, snorlax, torchic, vaporeon
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