Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,


 Just a reminder that I'm doing pick ups for the B/W Tour on the 19th :3

For anyone waiting for news of this ga C: we did win both lots,I am just waiting for the seller to reply if they would combine both of them.

and for the mini plush ga I did C: I requested shipping a couple days and it came out to 12.05
so payments are to darknisfalls(at) <3
shadowravenx 4.43
pegasus2010 4.43

Anyways mail has been very slow ;-; I haven't received anything new in 2 weeks -sad-

These guys showed up a couple weeks ago a flareon cutout and pin 

and this pikachu <3

and a question,that big luxray in the back does anyone know what it is D: the person says jakks but I hadn't heard of a jakks luxray being made Answered <3
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