cardwhale (cardwhale) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sticker Sales last reminder

Hello all! Just one last reminder that I am shipping everything out from this sales post tomorrow, so I just wanted to see if anyone wanted these last rounds of stickers. After tomorrow, I will not be selling these stickers again and they are going to a deep, dark place never to be seen again. XD Pay tonight get it shipped tomorrow. Thanks a bunch and take care!

Click picture or link to get there. Plus, I have put a SOLD list over each picture. This is UP TO DATE as of tonight. Thanks!

Wants: I am DESPERATELY looking for this for my backpack... I just got Chikorita and Totodile but cannot find Cyndaquil anywhere. :( Thank you! Been looking for past like... 7-8 months now? XD Picture from nanoplasm <3

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