DakaJojo (dakajojo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ModPost Time!

Hello and good day everyone!

ModPost time. Please pull up a chair, we have some alot of things to talk about.

Reminder Posts
Just like customs posts a few months ago, reminder posts are becoming a major problem. There are WAY to many of them posted on a daily basis. It seems we are seeing more reminder posts than any other kind of post lately and it’s simply getting out of control. For now we are limiting the amount of reminders you may post to the community, effective immediately;

Sales Reminders ~ these should only be posted when major changes have been made, such as adding new items. This is nothing new. If this is new to you, I suggest rereading the community rules.

Group Auction/Auction Reminders ~ You may only post ONE reminder, suggested before auction end.

Pick Up/Store Run Reminders ~ One per week, please. If you see that someone has posted a store run/pick up earlier on the front page, please give it time before posting yours! I'm adding the keyword "pick ups" to make things easier. Please use it! Those of you looking for these kinds of posts, please utilize this tag to find those doing store runs and pickups.

Off Topic Posts
Off topic posts such as shipping notices (i.e. "all your packages have been shipped!" or "sorry, I'm a bit delayed in sending out packages"), one lined posts, etcetera need to be sent via PM or e-mail. No exceptions. This is also something that is not new. I understand it can be an absolute massive task to PM 50 people, but... realistically it's what you signed up for when you ran that GA or sold those items. It's just part of your responsibility as a seller or GA runner to have good communication, and making these kinds of posts to the community isn't cutting it. Half the time, the members you are trying to reach out to miss the post anyway. If I see any of these posts, I will cite the violation and they will be removed.

5 Minute Extension Rule (regarding sniping)
...applies to everyone. Every single community auction no matter if it is a group aucton or personal auction. No exceptions. If this is new to you, or you need clarification, please reread the rules under "Special Notices".

"Please GA This" Posts
These are also getting out of hand again. Let's try to limit these, guys. I understand that finding items can be exciting, but the front page doesn't need to be flooded with them. Instead, talk to some friends you have on the community and maybe a GA can be started.

I think everyone should use them more. It makes it more than helpful when you are looking for something specific.

For a list of current community tags, please click here. <3

New Members
...and old, please take the time to read the community rules before making your next post.

Final Note
Gin is currently on vacation and has fallen ill. If you have any direct issues, please contact me. <3


Now, to make this post a little fun, I leave you with my Zuruggus. Collection update, sales and offers will be coming soon. Lugia is pressed that he isn't the main focus of the picture, obviously... he's a tad upset back there...

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments.

Thanks in advance, everyone. ♥
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