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my babies!! + super shiny kids GA reminder

My latest gets! :D big plush and badass figures ahoy!

Nothing you've never seen before, but I finally caved and got the Jalorda plush. It's gorgeous ; v ;

I love it's cute little face! Usually Jalorda doesn't look so happy, but this guy's just happy to be so elegant and beautiful.

It's a little hard to make him stand up though, haha. But he makes up for it in pretty. <3


Next up is this cutie! These two came together, and the package seemed so small compared to my giant Zuruggu, even thoguh together these plush are about the same size. XD I think I'm going to name him Raika after a character of mine. I'll need to find some goggles for him, though. ;)

Side view! This guy sadly doesn't stand up on his own, without a wall or couch prop. But it's still amazing and so cute ; A ;

Butt! I like butts.

Next up is the GORGEOUS Jalorda DX Kid. I had a bit of a fight with someone on Ebay for this, so if it was you, I'm sorry! ; v ; I love this figure so much.

Jalorda is looking down on youuuu.

I'm a little behind on my Jalorda collecting, but I just couldn't resist anymore. The Pokedoll and stamp are on their way. I just love how elegant and regal it looks. :D

Zuruggu Tomy!!

Lookit those pants! Lookit those paaaants.

Some other smaller gets... I won a lot with Zekrom zukan, Reshiram banpresto keychain, and three soap figures for only $9.99. The ebay seller is crazy and always puts up stuff for too cheap. But you don't see me complaining XD I still have to get the Reshiram and starter zukans, but this was too good of a deal to pass up!

Big banpresto keychain!

I got Snivy and another Tepig, so now I've got all three starters (my other Tepig is going to someone else). I've had such good luck with soap figures, haha XD

Well, that's it for now! :D I should have some batty updates soon~

And a reminder that the Super Shiny Kids GA is ending in 3 days! Get your bids in, because we don't want to lose our shinies, right guys? The total raised for each lot is currently at $202, $288, and $143 respectively. The last one especially may need quite a bit more support for it to be won! A couple of kids still have no bids and are at their starting price--these are Tailow, Chimchar, Dustox and Magmortar. I'll make one more reminder come the auction's end, and if it seems like we may lose I will make an emergency post asking for anyone willing to up their bids! May luck be at our side, anyway!

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