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My Sales Post

Psyclone Sales Post, a-go!

Basic Rules n Stuff
-Serious buyers only, of course
-I accept Paypal, trades, sometimes concealed cash (at your own risk) and possibly commissions – if you have another suggestion feel free to mention it
-Prices are sometimes negotiable, and if a trade is suggested then merchandise of equal price is expected in return - almost NONE of these products are doubles from my collection
-Some figures and cards are loved – if paint rubs or slight bends concern you please ask about any wear before purchasing (most cases will be specified)
-Shipping is to/from Canada
-Packages are mailed out asap
-As a thanks for doing business with me, I will commission a 1/3 paper-sized coloured pencil drawing of one or two Pokémon/characters FREE with any purchase (I spend at least an hour on a drawing including nice detail, proper shading and all that)! Examples can be found on my DeviantArt.

Now on to the Sales!

All Tomys except for Gloom, Vileplume and Weezing have moderate/quite noticeable paint rubs.
Each - $2.25
Gloom/Vileplume/Wheezing/thunderbolting Pikachu - $2.50

Exeggcute - $2.50
Exeggutor - $2.50 (or both for $4.50)
Jolteon - $3 (paint wear/rub on nose, paw and back)
Jigglypuff - $2 (has blotches of pink paint on head and side)
Clefairy - $2.25 (has some paint rubs)
Ratatta - $2.25 (a few pain rubs but nothing serious)
Raticate - $2.50 (minor wear)

Mewtwo candy topper x2 - $2.50 (old-school, has some dried bits of candy on it, not very noticeable, odourless)
CLEAR Mr. Mime kid - $3 (old-school, possibly first generation, very slight wear)

American gacha phone charms no longer in circulation, all UNOPENED mint in capsule (not all pictured).
Lugia - $4 (x3)
Celebi - $4 (x2)
Rayquaza - $4 (x1)
Deoxys - $3 (x3)

Palkia - $3 (x2)
Pikachu - $2.50 (x2)
Turtwig - $2.50
Lickilicky - $2 (x2)

Burger King stuff
Manaphy card holder WITH reverse holo Manaphy - $2.50 (they actually came together, VERY lucky pull)
Palkia card holder - $1.50
Reverse holo Happiny/Monferno - $1 each
Unopened Pikachu card stand w/ card - $1.50
Dugtrio GameBoy - $1.50 (the image changes if you push the control pad, won’t work without a cartridge)
Dugtrio “battery” pack - $1 ($2 for the Dugtrio GameBoy and battery together)
Dewgong cartridge - $.75 (or get the above three for $3)

Chimchar TFG - $5 (does not spin very well but cute and fun to give a high-five to)
Shroomish TFG - $4 SOLD
Mudkipz TFC card thing - $2
Thingies for the game - free with any order, just ask

Photobucket Photobucket
Small plushie Pikachu keychain from Tiger (w/ tush tag) - when you squeeze its cute widdle tummy it cries "Pikachu!" and uses Thundershock - $5
Pikachu Backpack (w/ tush tag)! Fits comfortably on an adult back (as seen in the picture) - $10 plus shipping SOLD

Random Neopet plushies from McDonalds - $1 each (top one unopened, all w/ tush tags)

Stickers and Topps
Rotom forms sticker sheet - $1.25
Sinnoh Pokemon sticker sheet (x3, 2 sheets per package) - $2.50

Old-school stickers, some are missing Pokémon, imperfect condition
Fire - $1 (x2)
Water - $1
Water2 - $1
Normal 1 - $1 (x2)
Normal 2 - $.75
Grass - $1 HOLD
Poison - $.75
Ghost/Poison/Psychic – $1.25 x2 (both missing Mewtwo, but one is replaced by a free Spiderman sticker)
Rock/Ground/Water/Ice – $1.50 (x2)
Electric/Dragon/Fighting – $1.50 (x2) (the second one is missing Pikachu but seems rarer because Voltob/Electrode are in alternate poses)
Ancient Mew card – $1.50

PhotobucketPic 1 = front, pic 2 = back
1 Old Pokémon List - $1.50
2 Mewtwo Strikes Back promotional card - $.50
3 Mewtwo Strikes Back promotional card - $.50
4 Golem/Venemoth/Pinsir and Wartortle sticker - $1.50
5 Togepi/Seel sticker - $1.50
6 Pikachu/Sandshrew sticker - $1.50
7 Meowth/Charmander sticker sheet - $2.25 (unwrapped, comes with two sheets; you can purchase just one sheet instead for $.150)
8 Pikachu/Raticate sticker sheet- $2.25 (unwrapped, comes with two sheets; you can purchase just one sheet instead for $.150)

Growlithe - $2.25
Dratini - $3
Dragonair - $3
Dragonite - $3 (or all three for $8)
Topps from the Pikachu shorts from Mewtwo Strikes Back/Pokémon 2000 - $2 each (or the five from the first movie for $9 or all six for $11)
Spearow sticker - $2
Shiny Ash - $.75
Mantyke sticker - $.50
Misdreavus sticker - $.50
Shieldon sticker - $.50 (or all three for $1.25)
Typholosion, Feraligatr and Haunter cardboard cutouts from Kraft Dinner boxes - $.75 for all (will be more carefully cut before being sent, and we used to have many more which I can go look for if you’re interested)

Greeting Cards
These both come with their own envelopes, so I can send them in that and shipping will be really cheap. I also bought them when I worked at a card store and had a discount, so I’m passing on that discount to you!

Halloween card featuring Ash and Pikachu on the front and plenty of little ghosts and bats on the inside! - $2.50

Valentine’s Day card featuring a really, really happy Pikachu. Also large and made with good quality paper, comes with its own envelope. - $3

Sorry for gigantic pics. ^^;
I HAVE LOTS OF COMMON CARDS, BUT I AM NOT TAKING PICTURES OF ALL OF THEM. If there is a common card of any Pokémon you are looking for, don’t hesitate to and I’ll be happy to take pictures of it. ^^

Please ask about wear if it concerns you.

Uncommon (Diamond) Cards



SOLD: Growlithe

SOLD: Cradily

SOLD: Light Vaporeon

SOLD: Dark Haunter
Please ask for the amount of wear on a card before purchase.
All prices are pretty negotiable here. The only uncommon Holos I have are the Mankey and second Beldum, making them worth more. I am also incredibly attached to my Eeveelutions and psychic Pokémon so I expect a better deal for them as well.

Rare (Star) Cards
SOLD: Lanturn, Jolteon and holo Raichu



SOLD: Umbreon

Please ask for card wear before purchase.
Again, while these aren’t as cheap, all prices are pretty negotiable. Naturally, the Holos and reverse Holos are worth more – to know which ones are Holos please see below. Once again, I am incredibly attached to my ex Aggron, Eeveelutions and psychic Pokémon so I expect a better deal for them.


These are all of my Holos/reverse Holos respectively (minus the BK promotional ones), all grouped together for your convenience. The ones that are worth the most are the psychics, Eeveelutions and Aggron Ex. The Gyarados and one of the Chansey are not in the best conditions. Be sure to ask about any wear if you are concerned.

French cards from the McDonalds promotion - $1.50 each

The Pokémon I love the most and am EXTREMELY interested in (from most to least):
Will gladly accept trades for most figures/plushies

Other Pokémon I may take trades for:
I also LOVE Lance and Sabrina (though I doubt you’ll have anything with them). =)

So if you’re selling/trading anything featuring those above Pokémon, then please bring it up! Even if it’s more expensive then what you want I AM willing to make up the difference, as, like I said, I can commission Pokémon art but I am also working on making magnets. Examples from other pkmncolelctors members are on my DeviantArt)

And that’s it! Post if you’re interested or would like to make offers, and happy shopping! ^-^

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