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Collection update + introduction


I'm a new member here, although I've been observing the site for awhile now. Thought I would introduce myself and my collection. =]

I am also known on deviantart as Chochomaru, I make custom Pokemon plush and Pokemon fleece hats. I also make Pokemon Gijinka cosplays.

I'm mainly a plush collector, but do like a few figures now and again. I don't believe I have a specific species I collect since I only collect the plush I like or think look good.

Well onto the collection, I apologize, my camera isn't the best. I'm also just finding new places to put everything and organize them better, and will have a few additions in the next few months that I will add much later on when I do a new collection update. I made a run to the Pokemon Center in Washington today, very exciting. ^^

First off, my small Lugia collection..

They sit on top because I love them =] the one on the right was a gift. I believe they're both Takara Tomy, however the one on the left is older so its just called Tomy. They both have their tags and are in great condition.

Next shelf down is Reshiram and Zekrom that I picked up from the Seattle BW meet. The Pokemon Center 12" Lugia is creeping in the back, and my favorite Lucario in the front.

Next are some of my top favorites, just picked up the Giratina Pokedoll and Lucario Pokedoll earlier today. =]
The Takara Tomy Zoroark plush doesn't have its original tag, it might be a bootleg of some sort...
Picked up the Pokemon Center Zoroark pokedoll from the BW tour as well.
Banpresto Zekrom lurking in the background along with Zorua, Giratina, and Zoroark.

Next are some of my other favorites, I'm in the process of setting up a shelf just for electric Pokemon since I love them. Included Umbreon here because it had no where else to go at the moment. I believe its the Halloween Banpresto UFO plush without the halloween get-up.
That 1998 Pikachu is still on its box <3
I am also enjoying my 1:1 Pichu, it's brand new with tag, it came in its bag but I took it out for the sake of being able to hug and hold it.
Then my wonderful gorgeous Pokemon Center Arceus pokedoll up in front. <3
The rest are Banpresto except the Pachirisu , which I'm not sure what it is actually..

These guys will get displayed better soon.
I just picked up Kyogre, Darkrai, and Groudon earlier today at the Pokemon Center. Flareon and Jolteon are velboa and also from the Pokemon Center. Underneath Raikou and Shinx is a Banpresto Typhlosion UFO. All the way in the back is a custom Quagsire that was part of a trade of mine from an awesome person over at Deviantart. The Octillery up in front is a custom plush done by me, made from Minky. It was actually my second plush ever. <3
Jakks Pacific Jirachi, Togekiss, and Wooper hanging out in there and everything else is pretty much Banpresto, except Shinx and the little Quagsire.


Hasbro Flygon <3
And the Takara Tomy Ho-oh I believe, that also has a fake tag so it might be slightly bootleg.
Takara Tomy Leafeon in the back with original tag.
Then the rest you can see, a Dialga pokedoll, Jirachi, Buizel, and two Shinx (forget the brand)

Oshawott and Snivy pokedolls from the Black and White tour, then the Gamestop display box in the background.

Legendary dogs from the Pokemon center and Gamestop display box in back.

I got him on clearance, he watches over my Xbox360. =]

Some figures, including the Absol figure I aquired after many years of searching. The Raikou model, the DS preorder figures, (missing Giratina), and the Jakks Pacific Lugia and Ho-oh figures (can't see Lugia)

Large Zekrom and Reshiram figures I picked up from the Black and White tour. Underneath you can make out Latias, which has Latios beside her. And that about does it for my figures other then a Wooper and Quagsire Jakks Pacific set. Also a Cyndaquil kid and a Latios finger puppet (plastic)

Gamestop Soul Silver display poster, along with Banpresto Ampharos, Pokemon Center Ho-oh, and Jakks Pacific Arceus figure.

And finally you can see my Giant Dialga up there next to my Charizard I won a long time ago at a carnival. You can also see my custom Engineer plush from Halo ODST, that I made. <3

(missing items: Pikachu pillow, Pokemon Sheets, 2007 Jakks Pacific Pokedex, and a bunch of keychains)

There's my retarded carnival prize Pikachu.
next to my custom Togekiss and Raichu that I made. (Togekiss is now sold and in a new home.)
Ignore my kitty over there lol.

And there's my custom Furret I made (now sold)

And finally a custom Luxray I made.

If you'd like to see more of my custom plush head over to my deviantart at

Thanks for looking!

Also, quick list of Grail plush I'm looking for:

Banpresto UFO Luxray Plush
9" Pokemon Center Arceus Plush (THE ACTUAL GRAIL)
Lottery Giant Zoroark Figure
10" Takara Tomy Raikou plush (I narrowed it down to this from that absolute giant Raikou I never have a chance of getting lol)
Giant Fluffy Raichu (not sure which brand, its like 100+ $ on ebay ;A; )

Non grail items:
Looking for:
kids- Zoroark, Luxray, Reshiram, Zekrom, Arceus
Large Arceus figure (6" + )
1:1 Mijumaru/Oshawott plush
Shiny Raikou pokedoll 6"
Daikinki/Samurott pokedoll
Raichu canvas plush
Espeon canvas plush
Umbreon canvas plush
Flareon canvas plush
Ampharos canvas plush

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