awlott006 (awlott006) wrote in pkmncollectors,

In search of my WANTS! =)

Hello! Hope everyone is well. =)

Yet another late night for me, so I figured I would post some of my wants. I was hoping to hold off on this until my last package arrived, but something has come up and I need to go ahead and post this.

Without further ado......................

Number 1:
Banpresto Torterra Plush

I am very interested in this little guy. I am looking for one with the tag still attached if possible. If not, I am looking for one that is in good condition and has not been played (snuggled?) with.

Number 2: Pokemon 151 Articuno Shirt Size Adult Medium ....(still....)

It seems that this is harder to find than I thought. A very kind person tried to help me find one at the Pokemon Centers, but they were currently sold out of this one. If anyone has one in a adult medium size, willing to sell it, or a new one please let me know. Thank you. =)

Number 3: Articuno Keyring

I have yet to find one of these for sale anywhere. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. =)

Number 4: Articuno Mug

I have been searching for this item for a long time. It was sold in Pokemon Centers around Christmas one year. I am extremely interested in this item, preferably new. Please message me if you have one for sale. =)

Number 5: Pokemon 2000 Articuno Pin

This item will go perfectly in my collection. I am looking for one exactly as pictured, new if possible. =)

There are a few others, but I will save them for another day in order to keep this relatively short. Thank you for looking at my wants, I hope you enjoyed it. =) Please contact me if you have any information or are looking to sell.

Thanks again!
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