pkmnbadges (pkmnbadges) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Badge Project: Johto Update

Link to previous post:

Lets kick it off with the image I just took! Note that the Johto badges are to scale, not counting the white space around them (I'm lazy, sorry)

After finishing this, I'm thinking that they're all pretty well sized except the Zephyr Badge, which should probably be at 1.25 inches. Yes? No? Should any of these be adjusted size-wise? (note that the designs haven't been changed at all yet, still waiting on my artist!)

As a reminder, orders ARE open for Johto Badges! You've got until April 15th to pay! Email me at with any questions or comments (or orders!), since I'm guaranteed to see it there and have missed comments on these threads before =P
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