Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

group buy!!!

Hi all

Me again. I'm a freak for buying things lately! I found a lot that has a BIN, and it comes with 6 of these weird "Pokemon Talking Puppets." And of course I'm only looking for the Marill! The BIN is for 2000 yen, so it'd be fairly cheap if 6 people got in on it! I'm just wondering if anyone else would be interested in one of these weird things?

Got a fair bit of interest so I'm going to do a group buy!

Marill: karoia
Togepi: pdutogepi
Pikachu: roxiired
Cyndaquil: usernamedesired
Totodile: fandramon

Bought the lot already, so I'm hoping I get someone interested in Pikachu!

Also, I was wondering if someone could help me identify an item? It's in a big picture of a bunch of Pokemon stuff under the cut

The derpy Marill item... what is it? I'm curious! I want it :P but the lot of items is pricey and I doubt anyone would have interest in a GA since it's mostly Pikachu stuff. But yeah, anyone know what the Marill is? Thanks for the help!

Found out what it is! Want it, but not buying the whole lot for it! :P I'll have it someday!

Sorry for all the boring posts. I have a ton of stuff coming in the mail, so I'll post a collection update in the near future, and I'll also update my shop soon~ thanks for reading!
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