Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

Collection update - grass type wonders

With the arrival of a major grail, it's time for another collection update. ♥
But first...

I am very fond of pokedoll merchs! Plushes, tins are my top favourites. The artwork and rarity make collecting the merchs gratifying. I also buy any items I like looking at, so I actually have plenty side collections rather than one huge focused collection.

I'm so glad I got Axew! He quickly becomes one of my favourite pokedolls. The eyes and the teddy bear-like body! /flails

Everyone has probably seen enough Reshirams already but oh, how much I love their details! The embroidered blue eyes are fantastic! I totally agree to others' claims - it's so soft like a cloud.

This guy is interesting! The faaaaace.

Next up comes the grail. ♥
Here's a hint ;)

I have a soft spot for Celebi and I love DX pokedolls, so it feels great to own one of these lovelies. Had some competition but it was well worth it! She's about 12 inches tall as most DX pokedolls are, and made of velboa fabric.

Side view. She's missing her PokePark hangtag, but it's okay because I like to hug it sometimes xD. Her antennae stand up nice and solid! She's a bit top heavy though. Nonetheless I still love it so much!

I accidentally two grass type DX pokedolls. 8D

Here are the plushes I have so far! I also have a 1/1 PokeCen Snivy not pictured because she's not with me at the moment.
My plush collection is small, but I love them all! I hope to have a permanent display for my items very soon.
Talky Miju is my most favourite BW starter plush! Who can't resist that cute fangies and cute voice <3 I'm very proud of my shiny beasts and PlushPlushes (Meowth and Wobbuffet).

To those who have purchased from my latest sales post- I apologise for the delay in shipping; all parcels will be shipped by next week.

Tags: celebi, reshiram
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