bluehyaku (bluehyaku) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another new member introduction.

Good whatever-time-of-day-it-is, it's nice to meet you. I usually go by the nickname blue.
I found out about this place from Pokebeach (I'm Bluesummers on that site), and after having been linked time and time again to here I decided to join. But right before I joined my classes decided to rear their ugly heads and make my live miserable for almost two weeks. But now I'm free, so here I am!

I mostly collect plushes, though I will buy an occassional figure if it's of a Pokemon I like. I have a very megaer collection and I usually collect whatever character catches my fancy (seems to be the Snivy line at the moment). I also play the video games, though not very often as of late.
I can't take any pictures of my collection because over half of it is stored away, and I'm one of the 20 teens in the United States to not own a camera or camera phone.

I'm not the best at introductions, so I might have left a whole lot out without realizing it. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them to the best of my ability. I'm also getting used to using LiveJournal, so please bear with me if I do something incorrectly.

That's all I got. I hope to talk to a whole bunch of you soon.:)

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