libby the lazy lolita (sakusha) wrote in pkmncollectors,
libby the lazy lolita

Pokedoll Pickups: Round Two Information!!

Apologies for the delay in updates! Here is where we stand:

1. About half of round one packages have been shipped. Work got very busy this week (I have to mail the packages during my lunch break) and there has been bad weather + crowded trains, so I still have to ship the rest. That will happen this coming week.

2. I got all of the Pokedoll stickers and one third of the dolls for Round Two. I've had to deal with the bank putting a hold on my credit card since I was making such large purchases. I have gotten that sorted out, though, and I will be picking up the rest of the Pokedolls for Round Two next week.

3. That said, Round Two totals will be slightly delayed. I will have the totals post up for Round Two next week so bear with me.

I am going out of town this weekend, so I might be delayed in responding to questions. However! I intend to have everything shipped out by next Saturday, come hell or high water.

Unfortunately, I do not anticipate a third round for the Pokedolls. I might try to do another round of Pokedoll stickers, but I am not sure yet. I apologize to anyone who did not manage to get a Pokedoll slot!

I appreciate all of your patience and graciousness during this whole process. I hope this delay has not caused any inconvenience! I will get the Pokedolls out as fast as possible.
Tags: gen5, pokedolls
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