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Pokemon Card Sales

Hello Everyone.
I finally got around to taking photos of the cards I want to sell (well some of them)
I have a lot more then what's under the cut, but it'll take awhile to go through them all, so for now only holos/rev holos and some rares

Click the Cut to see the cards~


Sales Permission was granted by denkimouse on January 2, 2011

~ I Accept Paypal, Money Orders, Personal Checks, but prefer Paypal. But do know I will not ship item until check/money order has been cleared. 

~ I ship from the USA.  And will no longer ship worldwide (I'm sorry for any inconvenience). But I will ship to Canada.

~ I try to ship as quickly as possible. I am going to try to make shipping runs on Fridays, and  sometimes sooner, depending on how busy I am. But I will always make sure to let you know either via a PM, Comment or a Shipping Post to the community!

~ I am more then willing to Haggle! But do note, there are some items prices I am set on. Just gotta try your luck :]

~ I will hold for 24 hours then the item will be put back up for sale, but I may make exceptions on certain things.

~ I might Trade for something from my desire/want list (list is still being edited)

~ Link the pic if you are unsure of an items exact identity or it's a pic of cards

~ If sending a Money Order or Personal Check I will PM the address. But please do say so in your comment if you wish to pay with one of these two options 

~ My Feedback can be found here.

If you have any questions ask away and you may PM me questions, but only questions. All Sales/Offers must be done in threads please.

~ prices do NOT include shipping+fees.

Card Prices will be under the picture in the order of the cards going from left to right.

If you are worried about a cards condition ask.
But most cards are Mint to Near Mint. Though some do have some wear/marks. Mainly on the backs.

(ignore yugioh card xD)
Espeon Prime - $5.50
Umbreon Prime - $5.50
Darkness Energy (Jap - Umbreon) - $2
Psychic Energy (Jap - Espeon) - $2
Umbreon (H) - $3.50
Espeon (H) - $2
Umbreon (H) - $2

Eevee - $1
Flareon (RH) - $2
Interviewer's Questions - .75
Glaceon (H) - $2
Leafeon - $ 1.50
Glaceon (H) - $ 3
Leafeon - $1.50
Glaceon - $1.50
Leafeon - $1.50

Dialga & palkia Legend Top - $8
Ho-Oh - $1
Ho-Oh (H) - $2
Raichu (RH) - $2
Raichu (RH) - $2
Ampharos (H)- $1.50
Pichu (RH) - $2
Pidgeot (H) - $1.50
Electric Energy (Ampharos) - $1

Ampharos Prime - $4
Celebi Prime - $4
Arceus AR2 - $2.50
Nidoran (RH) - $1
Lunatone (RH) - $1
Beldum (RH) - $1
Mantine (RH) - $1
Kingdra (H) - $2
Marill (RH) - $1

Entei Promo (H) - $1
Suicune (H) - $2
Entei (H) x2 - $2 each
Raikou Promo (H) - $2
Entei Promo (H) - $2
Manaphy (H) - $1
Raikou Shiny Promo (H) - $4
Entei Shiny Promo (H) - $4
Manaphy (H) - $1.50

Old Amber (RH) - $1
Meteor Falls (RH) - $1.50
Energy Search (RH) - $1
Moomoo Milk - $1.50
Sabrina's ESP (Jap) - $3  
Charity (Jap) - $2

Espeon/Umbreon HS Undaunted 9 per page Binder - $14 or Best offer                                                 

And like I said. There is a TON more. But I only have the time to do this much right now.
And I may just bundle all the rest of the commons/uncommons/rares/holos/revholos and sell them that way. But we'll see.

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