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I meant to post this a looong time ago, but with my recent gets, I figured this was as good a time as any :D so without any further ado~

overview of my puppies :D I desperately need a shelf, this table is not cutting it anymore 8D; but for now, I guess it's okay~

plushies :D I got the UFO plush for a pretty cheap price from Y!J. he didn't come with a hang tag, but I'm okay with that! he's so fricken adorable :3c the SUPER ENTEI was a christmas present from my boyfriend :3 he's so big and cuddly :3 I'm contemplating bringing him back to school to guard my laptop :3


gachas! my lovely anniversary entei + ash (which I likely wouldn't have known about if it weren't for the lovely likeatruck!), shiny zukan and regular zukan which I just got from nanoplasm! :D shiny and regular bros4lyfe

SUPER TOMYS 8D the old one makes me laugh every time, he is so oddly proportioned BD the new one is so gorgeous~ also visible is my entei tin which you can't really see it holds all my boxes + tags and such :D

smaller figures! both versions of the bottlecaps (also thanks to nanoplasm :D), sparkly movie 13 kid, attack kid from my boyfriend, and normal kid! next is the pearly tomy from the recentish GA and the regular TOMY from seattle!

a really terrible picture B( but now we have the shiny entei johto charm and a movie charm! ENTEI ON A BOAT, the TFG (again, from nanoplasm :D i love him! he's awesome!! ♥), another entei charm, and two charms from my boyfriend as a Valentine's Day present~ they're the two on the far right. one is normal and one is clear!! :D they're both so awesome and I love them ♥

CARD! that came with the entei tin 8D and the beautiful TFG! it's so detailed and magnificent! and boxed is the 10th anniversary charm. I'm still thinking about keeping it in the box. maybe~

A REALLY TERRIBLE PICTURE but beast tissues!!!! I actually got them as a freebie from treasure-japan when I ordered my UFO through them! it was such a pleasant surprise! my boyfriend was here when I got my UFO and I started screaming when I saw them XD;;; it was such a lovely surprise! I will never use them ever!!

well, that's it for my collection! back to being miserable with my flu B( thanks for reading~!
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