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Tomy figure GA first payments needed!

We got our first invoice for this group auction! No discounts this time, but not much extra for anyone to pay, either! Pretty good if you ask me!

Here's a screencap of the invoice:

Totals are behind the cut! People involved are:

xxiiijamesiiixx, rypeltajaroll, warking_chocobo, rtrolezi, vaporeon_07, sneadres, winter_sonata1, jerybunny, minnakek, liewqi, marphoria, ryunwoofie, mkmoe, noksum, celebiii, __sasami__, azraelalexander, ushigofasweet, kiiyame, timea_klum, rythen, icandytechnodog, pokephil, poptartdino, zeldana, mitgas, meowllz, agirl3003, kitbug, rainyan, pokemonis1337, snowball21

If you can't remember what you won, click the photo above to see the list. Please send payments to the following address (instant payments only, no eChecks!).

rosalesjames91 at gmail dot com

Also, it's very important that you mention "Tomy figure GA" and your username + figures won in the Paypal note! Otherwise this can become quite confusing to everyone!

Please comment here when you've paid since I'm not the one receiving payments but would like to keep track here anyway~

Here are the totals:

xxiiijamesiiixx $15 Paid
rypeltajaroll $15.26 Paid
warking_chocobo $17.26 Paid
rtrolezi $49.18 Paid
vaporeon_07 $23.25 Paid
sneadres $17.26 Paid
winter_sonata1 $15.26 Paid
jerybunny $9.28 Paid
minnakek $11.27 Paid
liewqi $5.29 Paid
marphoria $3.29 Paid
ryunwoofie $6.28 Paid
mkmoe $13.27 Paid
noksum $4.29 Paid
celebiii $2.29 Paid
__sasami__ $8.28 Paid
azraelalexander $4.29 Paid
ushigofasweet $2.29 Paid
kiiyame $2.29 Paid
timea_klum $5.29 Paid
rythen $6.28 Paid
icandytechnodog $4.29
pokephil $10.27 Paid
poptartdino $2.29 Paid
zeldana $1.30 Paid
mitgas $6.28 Paid
meowllz $5.29 Paid
agirl3003 $3.29 Paid
kitbug $2.29 Paid
rainyan $3.29 Paid
pokemonis1337 $1.30 Paid
snowball21 $1.30 Paid

Thanks everyone! :D Now that you're looking this way, why not to check out my sales here, too? I added quite a few Eeveelution figures! ;D
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