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Finds, Gets, Wants, A cumulative post

Hey everyone, I don't really post much here, but after what I found the other day I felt excited enough to make a post about it!

Me and my boyfriend had decided that we wanted to sstart cooking meals together, mostly because he doesn't know how and I don't really have the motivation if I don't have to. So I figured we would make some asian inspired foods, because it seems so much more fun than just making hamburgers or pizza, or some really complicated french dish. So I made a trip to the local Asian Markets, and the first one I went to I was very surprised at what they had!

(Hopes my cuts work ;-; )

They had a whole box of the plastic moving keychains but I picked up the axew and snivy ones, since they were my favorite of the bunch. They also had oshawott, pansage, and tepig. In the lower left is a strand of gum with pokemon pictures on it, but I mostly snagged it for the sneasel and weavile stickers! Then, my most excited find was the packaged coin, I just grabbed one and opened it later. I saw the insert with the "possible" coins and saw the woobat coin and thought, "Oh! woobat would be nice!" and there he was.

I also grabbed some ramune, mochi, pocky, and other snacks besides the other groccery items I needed for the food I am planning on making tonight.

As for gets, I haven't really acquired the furniture I want to display my collection or have a real collection post, but I feel like I should show some of the items I have gotten from the community, since you were all so nice to sell them to me! I am fairly sure I have kept up on all my feedback, so I knew alot of you knew that I had recieved your items safely, but here are some pics of them in their new home!

So here's a group shot of all my plush that I have either gotten from the community, or friends, or just gifts in general.

Ho-oh is a birthday present from my bff <lj zangooseel, Snivy is a purchase from ebay, he came all the way from hong kong and I couldn't have a better huge plush than this guy. Spoink and Drifloon are both presents from my German friend for various occasions, more than likely drifloon was a birthday present and spoink a christmas present. I sent him a swinub for his birthday and I get updates on him from time to time. :3

Staravia~ this was a random get in a GA hosted by pokeranger9494, I was almost afraid he wouldn't get here, but ended up arriving fairly quickly. Then Weavile! This was an ultimate get fairly quickly into my joining of the community, I got it from pogaf for a very good price! I just love it so much, and so lucky to have it, especially with all the wants posts lately I've seen looking for this guy. Chikorita was from a pick-up by kawaiikes, and Raikou and Groudon were both from a pickup by poizenkat,the weather tried to keep us apart, but they made it to me in the end. Hoppip was from another GA hosted by the lovely 99reddrifloonsI use this plush as my mascot when I play miniatures games, and has been nicknamed "Menoth" for such reasons. Sneasel was a plush I bought from someone on livejournal before I had joined the comm, and wonder if the seller is a member of the comm or not. If you remember me selling you this sneasel, let me know! It would be interesting to be friends on the comm~ :3 Shellos is actually a gift from a friend who came down for a convention last summer, I fell in love with the little blue guy but decided I didn't have the munz for him, so my friend bought him for me. The shinx is from that convention after digging through a plastic tub of plushies just to find him! I was excited to have at least one pokemon related get that wasn't a super expensive (40$) Growlithe canvas. @__@

This is my shelf where most of my stuff lives at one point or another. The bottom shelf is what's left of my undesirable jakks plush I have rescued from Targets in the area. There's also my Venasaur action figure, which is really fun to play with. Then above is my kids and figures that I have all gotten from the comm. I recieved scyther, dunsparce, sneasel, and weavile from meuniere's epic kids sale. I got mamoswine from hitosyura, the Weavile bottlecap from astron,and the murkrow TFG is from larvitarscar. The sassy Weavile, as I call it, which came in box with the sticker from kylie_fanatic,was also exciting to get in such a new state~
Not pictured, I have to thank wilyfungi for the Growlithe Tomy and property piece, they were both a small gift for my boyfriend for our 6 month anniversary, he was very excited to get both, thanks so much! 

This is my Weavile collection, or most of it, besides some flats and things. I'm only missing a couple more kids, and maybe eventually I'll get a complete bottlecap. I think there are two more Weavile kids, and I am missing the sneasel with the white-tipped feather, and the one with it's arms by it's sides, if you have any of those for sale, let me know!

Close-up shots of my random figures, the chatot, gyarados tomys, as well as the little green Chikorita were all gifts from zangooseel.


So I'm looking for this:

I've decided I want to collect chatot, the most adorable pokemon parakeet ever. At least until they have tons and tons of Haxorus merchandise. If you have any information on this guy, or where to find him, or if you have one willing to sell, let me know. I'm not sure how much he's worth, but since I have yet to see him on the comm I can't decided if he's rare or just unpopular. :c

In conclusion!
Do you hve any suggestions for a new-ish collector like me? What do you think of my collection? Did you have trouble when you started out your collection, I'd like to hear such stories from other members. :3
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