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Collection Update!

 Hey everyone! I got a whole lot of plushes in the mail the past week so I thought I would make you jealous with my adorable critters! <3

The Sinnoh starters! They're a bit squashed from the package but still adorable and amaziiiiiing.

My Scraggy. His name is Chad ;)

A Lugia and Landmin that blackfruitbat was kind enough to pick up for me :3 

Salamence and Gengar. They really like bad lighting. Rawr. 

And Ampharos and Quagsire! Quagy is really soft and squishy. 

Group photos! 

(Lugia got cut off in the first one)

That's all for now! And just so you know most of these guys are off eBay. Yes, I know eBay is a bit dangerous to buy from but I'm having great luck with it. So why not? :D Feel free to suggest another good buying site though. 

See ya.

Tags: chimchar, collection, lugia, plush, shaymin
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