Patricio Lugano (ahiro) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Patricio Lugano

Another introduction

Here it goes my introduction (:

It's not too much, but if you want too... you can read it xD

Well, I'm new to the community, so I'll decided to make a new introduction. (sorry for my bad english)

My name is Patricio, I'm 18 years old, I'm from Argentina, and what I collect is pokémon TCG cards (I play TCG). I'm blackdog333  girlfriend, so that's why I entered to this community xD

Well, I have some photos of my card collection:

Here it is the box opened. There are other cards (common, uncommon... maybe some rares, and a lot of energies and trainers) that I didn't post, and also my deck (Leaferade).

First cards of the folder! Latias and Latios promo (bought fromhaemseuteo ), Blaine's Arcananine and Wobbuffet, my first too rare cards.

This is the grass zone, with 2 Yanmega, a Shiny Yanma, Ivysaur, Torterra and Parasect.

The fire page: they are an italian Charizard, Team Magma's Houndoom, Blaziken, Arcanine, 2 Charmeleon and 2 Charmander (rocket set and base set)

Water. I have 4 pages of water. In the first 2 are Poliwrath, Manaphy, Phione, Empoleon, Froslass, Octilery, Empoleon Lv. X and POP Piplup.

...and in the other 2 are 3 Slowbros, Palkia, Wailord, Regice, and Horsea (the only reason for Horsea of being there is it moved water energy).

And now it starts the electric-type zone (with 2 Dugrtios xD). There are 2 Raichus, 1 Rotom, Pachirisu, Manectric and Surfing Pikachu.

Now... the fighting zone. Here we have: Groudon Star (bought from 50 pesos, that are like 12.5 dolars, lol), Claydol, POP 8 Lucario and Riolu, 2 Gallades and 2 Hariyamas.

Still with the fighting-type: Sudowoodo, Toxicroak, Nidoking, a Jungle Set Rhydon and a page full of Giratinas! (yep, it start the psychic type zone)

I have a lot of psychic type pages. So... in the first two pages, I have 2 Metagross, 2 Mismagius, Slowking, Swalot and 2 POP Croagunk.

More psychics: Gardevoir, Gallade, Crobat, Metang, Xatu, Mew, Espeon and Hypno are in these pages.

Now colorless, I have Wigglytuff, Shiny Bagon, Garchomp and Garchomp Lv. X, 2 Salamence, Rayquaza C and its Lv. X.

Another 2 colorless pages, with 4 Clefables, Rayquaza ex, Rayquaza delta species and 2 more Rayquazas xD

Staraptor and POP Gible, two foil energies, and a page of dark-type pokémon, with 3 Darkrais and 1 Honchkrow it ends the dark-type zone, with Mightyena, Weavile, Sableye G and Poochyena. Oh, and a Burmy evolution page: Mothim and Wormadam (from Arceus).

And finally, the last page! Scizors and Scythers for ending this folder.

...and that's my card collection. It is not sooooo big, but it is what I have xD

About what I want... well, I'm actually searching some cards for end building my Leaferade deck (
Blaziken PL (and its prevolutions)
Leafeon Lv. X
Luxury Ball (I REALLY need one xD)

That's what I really need. Oh, and Zekrom Black and White Collection card.


Nothing more to say. Again, sorry for my bad english n.nU
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