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Big Multipurpose Post!

Today, I have a small collection update, some late mall tour pictures, sales, and a possible trade!
So first up, I added a few things to my sales! I added a Pikachu Kite, some shopper bags, a Tepig Patch, a squishy vinyl Eevee, and some backpacks! There are still lots of origami pages and other goodies up for grabs too!
Check it out here:

After the cut, I also have a Celebi Chupa Chup I'd like to trade!
VERY Image Heavy!

So, I really want to trade this Celebi Chupa Figure for a Zorua one! I also have a Zoroark, but I'd really prefer to trade Celebi for it.

It's brand spankin' new with its Ultra Ball!

Now on to my little update. :D I rearranged yet again. (I seriously move everything around like every 2 weeks.)

The current set up of my Zoruas! ...Like many people here, I accidently Zoroark.
I finally got around to getting the normal Tomy from the Mall Tour. I also got Zoroark. The Zoroark phone strap and the Chupa figure are new too. :D

My new shelf set-up. I'm hoping it'll be more space-efficient. I'm trying to make room for some Plusle and Minun stuff. :D
(Don't mind the copied Roark Settei...XD; I use it as a drawing reference.)
And now a new addition to my Buizel family:

A Pokedoll from bloohynea! I never thought I'd find one for such a good price. I really didn't want to shell out $35+ for one. XD;

Next, I got a Plusle and Minun water squirter! :D SO CUTE.
I also had an adorable idea for my two Plusle and Minun kids in a Valentine's Day theme! You can't see the top, but the lid says "Love" on it. :D

Next, I got a custom sculpture from Berugii!

A Walky-Style Shinx! ; w; SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE! I love it so. That would be my picture, here's Berugii's pic of it(I hope they don't mind me using it...)

And lastly, A christmas Sentret Pin! I was so happy to find this because I love pins!

And now, some very late pictures from the mall tour in San Jose. XD

Me and my friends with Oshawott! I'm the one in the Modified Piplup Kigurumi holding Zorua. :D

Oh why hello there Cilan. owo ...I've been such a Cilan fangirl lately.

Watching the anime! I'm still not digging the Oshawott dub voice. D:
And that's pretty much it. xD; I'm not very camera spazzy.

Anyway, that's it for this very long post! Thanks for looking!
Tags: buizel, celebi, eevee, minun, oshawott, plusle, sales, sentret, shinx, tepig
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