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Updated Sales, Travel Buddy Meme

First of all, I sent out all packages from my last sales update/kiosk pick-up today, so they should be coming your way in the next week or so!

Next, I've updated my sales by lowering prices on some items and adding a couple Arceus UFO Plate plush and more Jakks plush including Lugia and Ho Oh! For the entirety of this upcoming week I will be roadtripping in California with a couple friends, so shipping will be delayed accordingly. We'll be visiting San Francisco, LA, and Disneyland! It will be my first time, so I'm quite excited. Hopefully I can add a bit more to my spending money with these last sales before I leave! -hint BUYSTUFFPLZ hint- ;P

Speaking of travel.. Who is your travel buddy? For this trip I have chosen my latest Darkrai pokedoll from the Tacoma Mall kiosk! Because I hired him as a stunt double, I've liberated him of his hang tag so he can travel more freely. :P

Helping Darkrai with his jazz hands routine and coming with us on the trip is a non-pokemon plush who is precious to me. I'm a big baseball fan, and I'm loyal to my local MLB team, the Seattle Mariners. I won this "special" little Mariner Moose plush (note that one of his legs has been attached backwards) in a raffle at an off-season event that the team hosts every year.

Now it's your turn! Post pics of your travel buddies, even better if you have pics from when you've done some traveling with them! :D
Tags: arceus, bronzor, darkrai, elekid, figures, ho-oh, lugia, phione, plush, sales, teddiursa
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