xlindziex (xlindziex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long awaited update!

I think this is only my second post to the comm since joining. Woah. I guess I just never have much to post? Anyways, since my last post, my collection has grown quite a bit.

It used to be this:

And now, after re-arranging and growth it's this:

The second picture is kind of crummy since it's taken with my itouch, but I think the growth is pretty obvious XD I don't know what I'm going to do when my collection outgrows this shelf. I could always clear off another one, but then I wouldn't have anywhere to put that stuff lol. I guess I'll think more about it when the time comes.

I think it would take awhile to go through all of my gets since my last update, so I'll just talk about the two I recieved today!

I recieved these two little dudes in the mail today:

A Mew walky and a MIB Squirtle Bell Plush!
I was surprised when I recieved these two, today. Mew is super soft and so adorable =3 Although, I am a bit confused. Maybe this is just me thinking locigally, but for a keychain, she's pretty big XD I wasn't expecting her to be super tiny or anything, but still lol. I love her either way though!

And Squirtle! =D I was excited when I saw him on Y!J and just HAD to place a bid. I cannot believe how tiny he is though! I knew bell plush were small, but it's different from seeing a picture to actually seeing one in person.

Well, that's it. I took individual pictures of each of my items and posted them in my journal here, which actually took quite a chunk of time, haha. So you can check that out if you want as well =)
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