kurokitten87 (kurokitten87) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello I am Kurokitten

Hello there I am Kurokitten. I live in Oklahoma and I am a 23 year old Pikachu Pichu and Raichu collector. I am intrested in anything Pikachu Pichu and Raichu, Raichu is my favorite Pokemon out of all three of them though. I have a huge collection of cards and have obtained almost everyone of them in both Japanese and English except for the super Rares. I have also started to collect them in different Languages such as: Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, and French (and any other language out there) So I thought I would show you all my what I call "Chu" Card Collection. Chu is just easier to said then all three names. I have a huge wish list of "Chu" stuff that I want to add to my wall of awesomeness which I will eventually show you because we are rearranging things at the moment and I have to redo it all. I have been into Pokemon every since it came out back in 1995-1996. I have all the Games on the Gameboy Systems as well as a Pikachu DSi and Hey You Pikachu for the Nintendo 64. (I hope to one day get the Pikachu Edition of the N64 Both Blue and Orange for my collection). But I have been playing the games after coming out of collecting the cards after the Neo Series, but just recently got back into collecting. But only the Chu cards.

I have pictures I will post.

So look for them soon.
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