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Jakks Figures for Sale!

A quick post, but check out what I found at my local store today!:

Espeon & Umbreon Jakks figures!! I couldn't find any sold individually (these tubes were pretty pricey for retail stock), but this is the first time I've seen any of my locals stores stocking any Eevolution Jakks so I nabbed them!

I'm going to keep the Espeon for myself and offer the rest to the community!
I was considering keeping the Umbreon Jakks, but what I've really been after is the Jolteon Jakks so I'd be willing to part with the Umbreon for the right price!

Chikorita, Totodile, Pichu, Cleffa, Lugia, Ho-Oh: $6 (or highest offer)
Umbreon: $16 (or highest offer)

Please feel free to make an offer if you think these prices are too high. I'm very willing to haggle! :)

- Shipping fees are not included. (Give me your country [or if you are in the US, your state] for a shipping quote!)
I ship from the USA and I'm happy to ship internationally as long as you're willing to cover any extra fees! By default I ship by parcel mail, First Class. If you would like insurance or tracking, please ask!
- I have sales permission, obtained back in 2008 (recently re-verified with denkimouse)! You can find my feedback stored here!
- I'm happy to provide more photos on request! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll do my best to help you out with any information you need to the best of my ability!

If anyone is looking for/interested in other Jakks figures, my stores stock a few other tubes!
This is what I saw available today:
Eevee, Cyndaquil, Arceus, (I forgot what the 4th one was, haha).
this tube: Shinx, Raichu, Electabuzz, Magnemite.
and this tube: Girafarig, Porygon2, Hoothoot, Togepi.

There is also a 2nd tube of the Umbreon set, but I didn't want to put down the money unless I could make it back. If anyone is interested in any of these, let me know! I could pick up other tubes for the community if there are enough claims. :)

The Eevee Jakks looks pretty good! So does the Raichu, Shinx and Cleffa, but really all of them are of nice production quality from what I've seen of them on the shelves. (I'm pretty surprised!) I'm tempted to go back and pick the Eevee up for myself if no one else wants to claim it!

on other notes:

All the purchases from my last sales post were sent out last week! They should all of arrived to their owners by now! (If not, they should be there soon!)
I've only gotten one confirmation from one of my buyers so far. I've left comments/PMs alerts for all my buyers when after I dropped the packages into the post! If anyone else has received their package already and wants to exchange feedback or wants me to leave them feedback, I'd be happy to do that for you!

I still have have a bunch of TCG cards available for sale! (And more to be photographed; I'm backlogged!)
If you see anything you're interested in, make an offer. :) I'm sure we can work something out!

coming soon:
what's this?? A high bag of brand new Pokedolls, is what it is!!
I haven't had time to take photos of all of them yet, but anyone is interested already feel free to inquire about what I have available!
I hope to have them up soon!

Lastly, if someone has a Jolteon Jakks that they're willing to part with, I'm in the market for one (at a reasonable price)! I'd also be willing to trade for one for any of the items I have available for sale!
Tags: chikorita, cleffa, ho-oh, lugia, pichu, sales, totodile, umbreon
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