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GA reminder + small collection

A reminder of the Namco Gen 5 Banpresto Plushies, there's less than a day left!!

If you are still considering getting one of these, here's the link to the Auction:


And now to my collection <3

Really, thanks to you people, I could collect so many things already! <3

My not so big yet, but loved Charmander collection + some Mantyke collection that's only three things for now XD

Here's a smaller close up on the shelf..

Now, what to do with the flats?

I have gotten this "tree" for jewelry from IKEA XD
But heck, I think it would be nice to keep the keychains and the flats (cards hanging on strings maybe?) hang on it! :)
I did not have the time yet, but I will do my best to make it happen! <3

Now to the whole lot of kids I have right next to the Char collection:

More different figures are on its way, but I have a lot of Pokemon I love...
The ones that I love (like here) I get mostly only figures, kids or Plushies....

The ones I really love, I want to collect anything that is there XDDD
I have decided that I will collect these:
Charmander (obvious)

Now it always might change, but since Charmander has so many things, Mantyke and Darumaka do not have that much so far <3
So whenever there is something from these three, please let me know! Thank you! <3

Other plushies that are with me:

This one has been with me since I was about 8 years old. My parents always called it Glumanda (which is the German name of Charmander) and they always called it a she...so yeah, I am keeping her with that name since. Glumanda <3

I really love small plushies! Goddamn he's so cute! <3
I have him next to my computer, so he is always watching me! :)

And now more plushies that I own (these below are not with me right now. They are back in my home in Slovakia, because I probably will move back there in a few months). Sorry, they are only single photo plushies, so I apologize for the photo spam:

A Phanpy plush I have gotten from two German sisters that I know for about 8 years already <3)

From them as well! <3

And this cute Drifloon as well! <3

Couldn't help myself and get this guy from Ebay...I thought that this Togekiss plush is the prettiest that was made :)

Lastly, my Amphy, from eBay as well! <3

As I have said, more goodies are coming to me, so one by one I will show those who are interested! <3
Again, thank you to all of you guys, thanks to whom I could make my collection bigger and less pricey. Thank you! <3
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