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Oh, jakks. you had us going there for a second!

So, like lots of other members, I've been out searching for the new Jakks Eeveelutions. So far, I've only found Vaporeon and Leafeon (Leafeon I am taking offers on!) but... you know, when jakks started making awesome plush and gorgeous figures like FLAREON (I don't even like flareon that much but holy shit Jakks that figure is amazing!) We started to trust Jakks a little more. We thought "Oh jakks, you're getting your shit together after all! not every figure has paint transfers right out of the box!! We were wrong about you!"

But then we started seeing what they did to Vaporeon. :| SIGHHH. So here's how I fixed mine up!

Not too bad, right? I used acrylics to paint the entire frill white (the top too, even though it was already white it'd be good to match the textures/tint of the whites) and then a glossy glaze to protect it. ALSO, I'm sad I don't have any photos of her before, but her eyes were freaking me out. the whites of her eyes weren't touching the edge of her eyelid, which... TO ME MADE HER SEEM REALLY CREEPY. D: So I also gave her big desu eye shines and glossed them too! I'm happy with it. :) You can also see that this vaporeon in particular has some gross blackish spots on her face! :( I'm going to keep looking for more vaporeons and see if I can't find myself a better one and fix that one up too...

If anyone would like me to paint their vaporeons for them, or would like to leave their names in case I find another vaporeon and give the extra away, we can work something out! Leave a comment! :D (List: irethsune, timea_klum)

Check out what Jakks thought vaporeon's feet looked like. Yeah, okay, pink pawpads. Not too uncommon, but uhm. You can clearly see she already has grey pawpads on the back of her foot! D: AUGHHH

over all, I'm a little disappointed with this figure ;_; Vaporeon being my favorite eeveelution, I was really excited about this guy! One thing that kind of bugs me is how long her legs are! D: She's taller than Jolteon even... I always imagine Jolteon to have the longer, thinner legs of the original trio. Look how stubby Flareon's legs are! So perfect. ;3; They did so well with Jolteon and Flareon that I had high hopes! FFFFF

And this brings me to leafeon! As you can see in the photo... One of his ears is not colored in!! WHATTT. :( I know not all of the leafeons are this way, either. HRNN. This guy is up for offers, and I am totally willing to paint in the ear for you if you'd like me to! Or, if you'd like to offer on him MIP, that's fine too! (Or have me take him out of the package and not paint him if you'd like to try fixing/don't mind the mispaint, whichever! :))

As I was dusting I decided to move my kid figures out from under my monitor and put my minicots there instead! Here they all are, with my favorites being in the two front rows.

And here they are in their new place! It's so weird having them here after I've ALWAYS had kid figures in this spot... THEY'RE ALL SO SHORT. ;3; I used to have my favorite mini-cots on top of my monitor, but now they're all here!

I put all my favorites on the monitor base and in front of it. :) Seeing all my minicots in one place makes me realize I need more! My biggest minicot want right now is the Vaporeon minicot, as well as the other eeveelutions.

here are all my kid figures over at my TV instead, now. I kind of miss them. :C THEY'RE RIGHT BEHIND ME THOUGH AFKAJKLFJGL why am I so particular!!

Thanks for looking!! :) Hope you're all having a good day!
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