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A few questions, a want and some rambling!

Hey everyone!

In my last post I mentioned I'd be going to NC for 3 months. Well, I'm here now, until May 17th! It's my second time in America, and I'm pretty psyched. So I was wondering if anyone who may live around here know of any good places to find Pokemon toys? My friend's local Walmart had nada :( but we'll be going further into Raleigh soon, so if anyone has any shop recommendations please let me know.

So I've developed a new Pokemon interest (I should probably stop doing that!) which is Phanpy! However, I rarely see any merch for sale/collection here. Is Phanpy an uncommon Pokemon, merch wise? I'd be interested in seeing anyone's collections! Unfortunately all my money is in cash right now (except for money I'm getting through to pay people here on paypal!), so I'm not able to buy anything Phanpy until the summer, but I'd love to see people's plushes and how much generally they cost? :)

For Christmas my mum bought me a Dragonite Pokedoll off eBay. However, it never arrived D: the seller refunded us, and so I'm again looking for a Dragonite Pokedoll. I've seen a couple pop up for sale on here, and really I'd prefer to buy off the community than anywhere else in case of booties or scams... so if anyone has one for sale pleeeease let me know because I can paypal you directly for it :D

Lastly, my boyfriend who loves Totodile, got the leather-like Banpresto plush of him off eBay a few weeks ago. He told me today that Totodile has arrived! I don't have any pictures of Toto yet, but I just *love* the leather-like plushes. Does anyone have plushes like that? I'm desperately seeking the Slowpoke one ('tis my biggest Pokemon want!) and I know a Phanpy one exists (which I'd also love to have)! I have no clue what other pokemon have ones like that, but if Totodile has one, does it mean Chikorita could? I've tried to google them but the results are sparse. Anyone with any info, I'd be very happy to hear :)

Sorry for the boring text post. I'll update with pics once I find some Pokemons. We'll be going to thrift stores soon too, maybe I'll be lucky and find some second hand Pokemons too :)
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