Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Sales + Small Collection Update

Hey Everyone c: I haven't been posting much,been very busy with other stuff but I still lurk for any Eevee items I dont own.I'm trying clear out my sale's to have more room for newer stuff to come,
I have added in some new Plushes that are needing homes! so please check out my sales Post ^^,just click on my Lil Eevee Pic to go to sales.

and so this post wont be boring a collection update!

!A few new things :3! I got a few day's ,I hardly see any Eevee item I dont already own that is available for sale x3 I guess I have to many eevee's!
Here a group picture of all the items I have gotten so far!
First the umbreon pokedoll from poizenkat,took awhile but this cutie finally got here ,I used to have the minky version but sadly had to sell ,but im glad I was able get another one even if it american release c:! still love it.
Next my Jolteon pokedoll so cute! I love this lil guy never owned one but now that I do i'm happy I got him.
The advanced gen. pillow I found at my fleamarket ;] cost me 1$ I always enjoy finding some good pokemon goodies! I need a pokepillow for my room.Then my Fuzzy Eevee figure! I got this from japan it so cute and fuzzy I never saw one for sale,so when I saw this lil guy show up in auction I jumped on it,Im not sure how rare this lil guy is but I never seen one before,this guy even came BRAND NEW! in it lil pokeball I think I lost the pokeball lol but oh well.Last the 3 eevee figures I got from a member from here,I forgot who :[ but if you post I leave you feedback! I got a extra eevee strap for my iphone ,and a eevee in case figure I have two others but there different color,you can never have to many last is the lil eevee figure it was part of a straw that I seen before but,the straw was cut off on this one I still like it and super happy to have it in my collection.

And now here all my Eevee's,I recently got a nice small shelf at my fleamarket so I just added it in to the bigger shelf,and had more room for my lil guys was able put some by type like figures,stamps,kids etc.
Soo many Eevee so lil time.Well I hope you enjoyed my update thanks for reading ^^.
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