Julie. (li_kichi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update/ BW tour

hello all~ this is my second post since my introduction lol

i went to the BW tour stop at oakridge in san jose from February 12-13 and bought new things for my collection :>
i bet everyone is tired from reading all these journals about the BW tour though lol

o and can someone answer this question for me? do posters/ prints (flats?) and pins etc count as part of our collection too? or is it only official goods?

i am totally in love with the oshawott mascot *O* i wish i could take it home <3

my new plushies~ the snivy in the bag was won from the prize wheel. (now i have 3 snivy dolls idk what to do with 3 lol)
i love how soft they are :>

t-shirts! they are so cute :> i will wear one to the launch of BW

the official tour staff t-shirt! (no i was not a staff at the event lol)

and here are all the other little things like figures, pins, stylus, and patches :>

if anyone is interested in reading my journal on the BW tour and seeing more photos please see my journal
Tags: collection, gen5
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