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Hey, New here!

I'm new here, and I guess I am supposed to post to show off my stuff....here is my journal to my plushies.

Look at my collection by clicking here!

Thanks for looking.   Tell me if I am doing anything wrong, I had no clue o.o

I am making a banner now...for my collection...I think. 

          I am getting two new plushies today, hoping for a Cleffa.  One of them is a Halloween Espeon, the other I don't know.  I have know clue if they are still selling Pokemon plushies there, it's been a long time.  I hope they are, becuase I really want another one, and they have supah-great prices, like $7 apiece.  It's pretty epic.  Last time I was there, there was a cleffa, and an Igglybuff, and a Shaymin.  I really wasnted the Cleffa most of all.  Right now, though, I am hoping they have something I don't have, (Likely) and also something cute.  Like Cleffa or Buizel.  It'd be E-P-I-C if they hd Vulpix, but I know that's not about to happen.  HWy are Vulpix plushies so rare, anyway?
            ~Xzeeko: Out
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