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Collection Update/ GA Reminder/ Questions

First off, a reminder about the gashapon GA I'm hosting...
Ends in 3 hours! 
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Secondly, a collection update:)
I've had 2 or so more items come in the last few days so those are not up yet -_-
~~~~~I've finally made a webpage for my collection~~~~~~~~
-Please check it out!-


And finally, the question...Well not really a question afterall
If Pokemon sillybands/funbands were released 1-4(bands) in a blind package...Would you collect them all? Or just your favorites? What would you do with them?
LOL...A ditto silly band...poor fellow....

And one more question...
I know alot of people are doing the b/w tour pick ups...
But, all I really want is the free booklet and pin...
Are there people doing this?

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