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alright, before we begin, i'd like to say that this GA was just...a roller coaster ride.
from earning over $1300 to the price reduction the seller gave us. i have felt EVERY feeling there is to feel with this GA.

but here we are, almost done with this whole ordeal.
know, knowing my luck, more things will probably go wrong, but at least we have gotten through the worst part lol.
so here's to the most hectic/exciting/unbelievable GA i have ever seen and held.

k enough of that...

(some minor problems were present =[)

-jeansama: your typhlosion isn't the talking version one, it's almost identical to the talking one, except it doesn't talk and is way lighter. i suspect it might be bootleg but it has the trademark (of hasbro i think) and it's pretty well made. it does have a shooter in it's mouth but the missile/fire thing was not included since none of them seemed to fit. all in all it's still a great figure. =]

-v-trainer bases: almost none of them have batteries except (i think) the fire base with bugsy

-all parts come included with their designated figures:
almost ALL OF THEM are complete with their missiles/add-ons/etc.

-almost all the figures comes in GREAT condition:
so i will not bother posting a 'damage report' for everybody (it would take twice as long anyway)


i have rarely seemed them on the comm so i thought they deserved their own segment

so here they are! the elusive hasbro shining pokemon!!

(and of course MY SHINING BABIES!)


all of them are complete (except for my poor zapdos who is missing one of his thunderbolts)

here is some info i can post of them

scyther: does a slashing motion and opens and closes its mouth when you squeeze his legs together

zapdos: has 4 (2 in front 2 in back) thunderbolts that shoot out, they all have their own button.

blastoise: simple water squirter, it has a button on his back that, when pressed, sucks in water and then squirts it back out

pretty simple figure, does a kicking motion when you move his foot (manually)

shoots 2 fire missiles from his back when you move his head down

opens and closes his wings anddoes a headbutt attack when you press the button on it's back

chikorita: twirls its leaf when you move it's tail up and down

spinarak: shoots a web from its butt (lol) when you press the horn on it's head

this figures are absolutely beautiful! i can express the love i feel for my scyther!
i will probably take more pictures later on when i have a collection update.


everybody has a right to ONE freebies to be included in their order, but beware, as some of these might raise shipping a bit.

the pokemon cards are completely random, but i can tell you that there are NO HOLOS/LEGENDARIES included in them. so you can list a bunch of (1st stage pokemon) and if they are in there i'll include it with your order.

here are some pics of the cards:


lombre figure
caturne figure
slaking figure
attack jakks pikachu
both seleo cards
grovyle figure
feebas card 1
goldeen card 1
tiny zizagoon
shroomish figure


*i will not send the refunds immediately*

here is the spreadsheet:

: is what you will be getting back, if you have a zero next to your name it means your refund did not cover shipping and you (more than likely owe me) me a bit shipping

if your refund didn't cover shipping, this is what you owe. some of you only owed me a few cents so i marked you off as free

send your payment here:

PLEASE INCLUDE LG NAME AND WHAT YOU BOUGHT IN THE BOX!!! (if you have a certain address you want me to send it to please let me know in the box as well or over PM)

it will take a while for the refunds to get to you as i am completely new at this. so please be patient and bare with me

if at any time you feel i made a mistake please let me me know!

as far as when you will be getting your item, i will have to make SEVERAL trips (12-14 packages a week). i will send them off in the order the names are listed since i can't think of any other way that's fair for everyone (what do you guys think?)

alright *sigh* i hope i got it all down correctly for all of you.
again, thank you all for being so patient with this crazy ass GA =]

EDIT 1: i have begun to send refunds out, if i cross out your refund amount it means i have sent the refund out or i have received your shipping payment. if i cross out your name it means i have sent your item out.

EDIT 2: first round of packages going out today!!! if you didn't claim any freebies or if you freebie of choice was already claimed and you didn't get back to me on time, it is now officially too late.
11 packages will be sent out today and it will the packages of those who are first on the list (alphabetical) and of those who PAID (if your discount covered your shipping cost you are counted as paid).
i will cross out your name when your figure was shipped out probably sometime tonight, so keep checking back =]

EDIT 3: the post office's computer is down so i wasn't able to ship anything out yesterday and when i went to the other post office close to my house, it was closed already (i forgot that one closes at 10 on saturdays...) so shipping will have to wait till monday afternoon. but i will send the next round of packages that week too so nothing will be delayed =].


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