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Nicholas "Nik" Brown

Sales! Auctions! Smug!

Hello everyone!

It's been a fair while since I last posted to the comm, so today I bring you a sales slash auctions post! Here's a quick preview!

DSCF0236 DSCF0220
DSCF0309 DSCF0433

Hit the preview images or the cut below for all the details, plsu more awesomeness in general!

Before we get started, please make sure you are familiar with my rules! ;D

General rules:

> All item prices are given in USD.
> I ship from the United Kingdom, and will post worldwide!
> Prices do not include shipping or other fees unless otherwise stated - these will be added to your total, but feel free to enquire before committing (I don't bite)!
> I am willing to do 48 hour holds, or more if agreed beforehand, after which an item will go to the next person waiting.
> Same applies for payment, which I would like within 48 hours please. PayPal from international buyers only, and I will also accept cheques and postal orders from UK buyers.
> I am mainly looking for cash currently, but I may agree to one or two trades for Tsutarja/Snivy merch. Please don't be offended if I turn your offer down though!
> Haggling! If my prices are too high (or too low! ^^;) feel free to offer me a better price!

Auction rules

> All auctions will end on Friday 25th February at 11:00pm GMT! That's 6pm eastern coast time and 3pm western coast time!
> Sniping is bad, people! Any bids in the last 5 mins of an auction will cause that auction to end only when a further 5 minutes have passed when no bids have been placed.
> I reserve the right to withhold any auction item from sale should I feel it has not reached my reserve price. Unlikely, but just in case. ;)
> Bid in increments of $1 or more, no half pennies please. xD

And finally,



Lot no. 001: custom Lugia hoodie

DSCF0309 DSCF0310


I commissioned this hoodie from someone with the intention of wearing it at expos and the like. Sadly it did not turn out to meet my specifications and I was not happy to wear it. It would be best off with someone else rather than being stored away in my cupboard! ^^ Designed to fit a medium adult male, nice and clean (pale patches are just as a result of the reflecting flash, it was a bit gloomy outside today), only tried on once.

Bidding beginning at... say, $35?

Lot no. 002: custom Lugia hat


Another commission item, I'm afraid I simply need the money at the moment and don't wear this poor chap enough to justify keeping him around. Nice and clean, never worn, the eyes are very dark blue/black.

Bidding starts at $12

Lot no. 003: Pokemon Heroes Japanese movie programme

DSCF0219 DSCF0220


This fantastic book contains lots of information, artwork, screenshots and merchandise shots all pertaining to the fifth movie, Pokemon Heroes. The book is stamped to show authenticity. The only flaw is the sticker residue on the front cover, otherwise a wonderful item!

Bidding starts at $12

Lot no. 004: Latios/Latias 10th Anniversary Zukan


Scale 1/80th replica of Latios and Latias, complete with Ash figurine. For the other items in the picture, just skip to straight sales. :)

Bidding starts at $8


The following TCG will be sent as is in a jiffy bag, please comment if you would like additional protection, e.g. box shipping!


Feraligatr EX Epic Collection Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vgc. $12


Typhlosion EX Epic Collection Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vgc. $12


Meganium EX Epic Collection Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vgc. $12

The following TCG will be sent with their boxes flat pack, and cards wrapped in a small plastic bag, within a jiffy bag. Again, please comment if you would like further protection!


Diamond and Pearl: Terra Firma Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg. $12


Diamond and Pearl: Royal Frost Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg. $12


Diamond and Pearl Great Encounters: Infinite Space Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg. $12


EX Dragon Frontiers: Shadow Blaze Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg. $10



EX Dragon Frontiers: Power Wave Deck - all cards, damage counters present. Damage counters are initialled, play mat has some ink present (see additional picture). $9


EX Crystal Guardians: Earth Shower Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg. $10


EX Crystal Guardians: Green Cyclone Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg. $10


EX Crystal Guardians: Storm Surge Deck - all cards, damage counters present in vcg, box is on the tatty side. $9


Clear Latias Jakks: $10
Latias Jakks: $5
Latios Jakks (missing wings): $1 or free with any purchase above $10. SOLD!
Latios "standing" kid: $3
Latias "standing" kid: $3
Latios "lying" kid: $4
Latias "lying" kid: $4


Latias Legendary Collection figure: $5
Latios figure: $5
Latias/Latios 10th Anniversary Zukan: See auctions section.
Latias Keyring: $3 SOLD!
Latias Tomy: $2
Latias Coin: $0.50 or free with the Latias Tomy
Latias Pan Sticker: $2


New Arceus phone dangler: $4
New Pikachu phone dangler: $3


New, A3 size Rise of Darkrai poster: $2


Pokemon Center bags: $0.50 each or free with any purchase over $5


Super Mario Plush w/ hang and tush tags: $5


Chocobo hat: $5

And finally, I have been getting rather, shall we say, obsessive with the one and only Tsutarja/Smugleaf lately. I'm not sure what in particular I like so much about collecting her, whether it's dat leafy tail or dat instant win smugness. Here's a pic of my collection so far:


Right now, my biggest want for my collection is a Talking Smugleaf. Please let me know if you happen to have one for sale or know where I can find one! :D

That's all for today, I will be responding to all questions, comments, concerns, etc. in the morning. Night all! ;D
Tags: auction, cards, gen5, kids, latias, latios, lugia, sales, snivy, zukan
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