Kirsty (whitewolflarka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

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Can anyone help?

hey guys :D

I've recently decided i NEED the espeon and  umbreon jakks figures in my life xD
I love all the eeveelutions but as of late, i'm whittling down my collection to these two with the exception of tomys, zukan and a couple of plush :)
otherwise it's just be tooo expensive xD

My only problem is, i live in the UK :/ and no where near me sells any kind of pokemon merchandise...not even the cards D: and the only ones on ebay are going for $60+ including shipping O__O far too much IMO!

so i was wondering if there is anyone that could help me obtain them :D i would be soo greatful for any kind of help <3

Tags: espeon, jakks, umbreon, wanted
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